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Why do you choose ams (active model serializer) over jbuilder or the other way around? (Rails API)
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Drilon Buzuku
Hey Guys, I'm interested in knowing, why some developers choose ams over jbuilder and some prefer jbuilder over ams, to build Rails based API's. Cheers, Drilon

Dynamic select boxes - like railscast 88 - but it ain't working
Rails • Asked by Aaron Taddiken
I am trying to scope a form selection list to from another select box selection. The select box groups the options correctly in the dropdown. Everything checks out in the console but it still does ...

How to upload multiple file inputs in rails production?
Rails • Asked by Srinivasa Varma
Hi there, I'm trying to upload multiple file inputs from single form. The form is working fine in development, but in production the form showing that redirecting for long time and returns nothi...

How to i implement adobe e sign in rails 5?
Rails • Asked by naveen kumar
Echochamber is not up to date and also not working , i have found the working python app, should i use python to process the document , help me guys.

Capistrano Rbenv Bundle Failed
Servers Solved • Asked by Agung Setiawan
Hi, I'm following this tutorial on deploying rails app About to reach the last step but it failed when performing bundle install as screenshot below ...

Use different repositories for frontend and backend?
General • Asked by Lykos
I'd like to ask a question. Lets say we have a web app that uses Rails api on the backend and Ember on the front end. The folder structure I guess would look like this: ``` my-app - backend...

Turbolinks and jQuery compatibility on Rails 5
Javascript Solved • Asked by Lauro Silva
I have a hidden field that's activated when clicked on the link using jQuery. When clicking on the link, the field appears just for a second and then disappears. ```javascript $('.use-diff...

How can I setup Cloudfront CDN for Rails App ?!
Rails Solved • Asked by Anh Vy Nguyen Vuong
It's good to have CDN enabled to speed up rails app but how can I do that with Cloudfront ?!

Routing Error No route matches [POST] when submitting ActionMailer
Rails Solved • Asked by Ben John Bagley
I have created a form but I'm having issues submitting the form, it's not getting the right route, I'm sure this is a simple fix, I'm just not seeing it. Here are the relevant files: `new.htm...

On what server is Gorails hosted?
Servers Solved • Asked by Nicolás Bobb
On what server is Gorails hosted? I'm looking for one for a project

EAV Rails way?
Rails • Asked by Anand Padia
Hi Team, I was trying to explore possibility of using EAV (Entity-Attribute-Value) pattern in our application. We are a ecommerce solution and would need Product variants to be captured, I did s...

Using React
Rails Solved • Asked by Melanie
I'm trying to learn how to use react in my rails 5 app. I've just finished following Kenny Hibino's you tube series for his medium clone. He used react-rails gem, but then realised he wanted to...

BDD in a real project
General • Asked by Wei Shi
Hi, Chris, I just subscribed to GoRails. Thanks for bringing us this great site. I really enjoy watching episodes, and I believe Go Rails has the potential to become one of the major resources ...

One form, two separate controllers, created at once.
Rails Solved • Asked by Masud Hossain
I'm trying to create a sign_up form where the user will choose his email + password AND and Article at the same time as creating a user account. So assentially, one form will create a new Use...

Opt-in to receiving thread notifications
Site Feedback Solved • Asked by Nick McNeany
Hey Chris, It would be great if users had the ability to opt-in to receiving new thread post notifications. Sometimes I like to just throw my two cents in, but don't really intend on following ...

How to perform bulk update in rails?
Databases • Asked by Srinivasa Varma
Hi there, Here is the problem in more detail. I tried to perform bulk update on rails model, but ended up with normal save method. I have some number of records and i wanted to update their valu...

What are the best practices for generating SEO friendly urls in Rails 5?
Rails Solved • Asked by William Kennedy
What is the best way to generate SEO friendly urls? The Rails default is to put the id in the URL e.g articles/2 I want to be able to have a url like this articles/article-heading Prev...

What is your dream app?
General • Asked by shakycode
If you could build anything (think outside of the box), what would it be? Things I'm working on that are fun to build: * Whisper clone with material design UI for mobile and web * Anonymous ...

Duration of a video in the listing page
Site Feedback • Asked by rabin prithvi
Duration of a video in the listing page would be highly useful to select a video to watch.

Is possible to check boolean value by JS?
Javascript • Asked by Dmitry Amelchenko
In Rails 4 app i need to implement bootstrap modal when user comes for first time and accept the terms. I'm trying to do something like this: **application.html.haml** ``` ... = content_tag :b...