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SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed
General • Asked by Brandon Morales
I am new to Ruby on Rails I have followed this tutorial: It lets me reach the login and even accept the...

How to send Webhook?
Rails Solved • Asked by Andre Zimpel
I'm building a content management service which needs to send a webhook everytime the user saves a record. What's a best practice to send webhooks in a rails app? A LOT of tutorials are about re...

How to prevent users from view other user profile or data ?
Rails • Asked by gurupal singh
I have created 2 users (using devise gem) and added data in both the profiles, but both users can see each others data and profiles. How to stop users to access or see other users profiles

Gravatar blocked in China, need a workaround
General • Asked by Trevor Owens
Gravatar is blocked in China where we have a ton of users. Which means if you pull gravatar from their site in your app, your website will crash/not load for anyone based in China. So I have two...

Tutorials on recommendation engines
Gems / Libraries • Asked by TL
Hi Chris, I searched for videos on recommendation itens but couldn't find any. We run a real estate website and would love to provide similarities recommendations (like "users that viewed thi...

How do I install UIKit via yarn?
CSS Solved • Asked by Tabish Iqbal
Answer: 1. Add uikit through yarn: yarn add uikit 2. Create a file to be transpiled by webpacker: app/javascript/uikit.sass (or app.sass... whichever name suits you best.) 3. Within uikit.sass...

Help configuring Vuetify/stylus on Webpacker
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Kieran Wild
Hi, does anyone know how to configure Vuetify with a rails app? I have webpacker working for basic a vue.js/rails app but I would like to configure it so stylus files compile to css so I can use V...

How do I route to the proper controller from the Bootstrap navbar?
Rails • Asked by Rodolphe Geant
Dear All, My name is Rodolphe, I am a new member of Go Rails. I've fell I love with Rails a year ago! but gosh I so struggle sometimes to comprehend what I'm doing :( . Anyway here is my questi...

What type of association should I choose...I'm lost in the woods.
Rails • Asked by Charles Smith
I cannot for the life of me figure out the best model association to choose and I've thought myself into a corner. I'm building a site for a client that offers party services for four(4) locations...

How do I Update a child object, while Creating a Parent object with Fields_for
Rails • Asked by Logan Houston
I currently am creating an object with jQuery file upload, and than inserting a fields_for into the form with the new object. However, I am unable to update the existing object while creating t...

How do I take advantage of multiple CPUs on a DigitalOcean droplets?
Servers • Asked by Karim Tarek
Hello 👋 I've a two Rails apps hosted on a droplet that has multiple CPUs. Honstly I don't know what does that mean for the app and if I need to do any thing to take advantage of that or does R...

An issue with uploading to S3 with jquery file upload
Rails • Asked by Taro Singh
Hey guys, this is driving me crazy. I'm pretty new to rails and I have been following the shrine & S3 videos using the cloud based ide c9. I got basic direct uploads to work flawlessly, but whe...

Implement a hash tags like feature in rails
General • Asked by John Munyi
Hi , I have looking for an actively supported gem to implement a hash tag like feature that can easily be used as a metric in feedback that has a lot of text. I checked-out https://g...

Which is the simplest way to add ES6 to a Rails 5.1 app?
Rails • Asked by Francesco Mari
Hi! As of Rails 5.1.4, which is the most simple way to use ES6 in a Rails application?

What is wrong with my stripe configuration?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Zanger02
Stripe isn't working anymore. When trying to create a new charge returns `the server responded with status 401` I followed stripes checkout docs to set up stripe. [Stripe checkout](http://str...

Embed Youtube video in Rails app
Rails Solved • Asked by Markus
Hello. How is possible to embed an existing video an show it in a page with rails? I followed this guide with yt gem: So now I can pos...

How do I create a virtual balance model in Rails?
Rails • Asked by Rohan Mayya
This is for a game application I'm creating. I have a user model, a stock model and a UserStock join table for the previous two models. User was created with devise. I intend to attach a certain b...

Database Relationship Structure (has_one and has_many together)
Rails • Asked by Warren
Hey Guys, So I have a bit of a headscratcher here. I have a rails app which needs two relationships to what is the same table. Basically, I have a Profile model. On that model I want to have...

Display collection_check_box for Has_and_belongs_to_many association
Rails • Asked by Lee Terng Gio
Hi, I want to display a list of check boxes, below is my code, ``` ``` It works well which display a list of Job_name which can ...

Rails associations
Rails • Asked by Lee Terng Gio
I'm create a Ruby on Rails web application. I have 4 models, which are User, Job, Candidate, ApplyingJob. User is the one who will be using the web application and the user can create Job and Candi...