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Nginx.conf failed
Servers • Asked by Jagger Kyne
I followed line by line in [this tutorial]( setup my own production server. After Nginx is installed and up and running, I followed the instruction to m...

Creating & Installing SSL Certificate on DigitalOcean Ubuntu 14.04 VPS
Servers • Asked by Michael Stitt
Your [tutorial]( on configuring a VPS on DigitalOcean for a Rails app is great! This came in super handy while I was creating mine! Can you explain to me...

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Jon Moss
Let's say I have a scaffold called 'blogs', and blogs have an attribute called 'subdomain'. I want to have each blog be hosted at a subdomain; let's say I have a blog with a subdomain of 'gorails',...

Errors Following the Deploy Rails Tutorial
General • Asked by Dan Tappin
I am literally following the Setup and Deploy tutorials line for line. I have my local dummy rails app up and running and I am trying to run my first deploy to DigitalOcean. Here is the error I a...

404 Not Found after deploy to Ubuntu server
Servers • Asked by Jagger Kyne
I followed the [tutorial]( on this site and deploy my rail app on the newly setup ubuntu server. the rails app is successfully run on heroku, so it must s...

Implementing Markdown Support in Forums
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Michael Stitt
Hi Chris, I watched all of the videos in the Forum Series -- nice work!. I'm wondering if you're still planning on getting around to showing us how to implement support for Markdown within the ...

field_for with index
Javascript • Asked by Wouter van den Beld
I have a form that uses java script and the data-attribute to do some calculations (Calx2). to make the data-attributes unique i use the the index method that is available. ```ruby <tbody id=...

Best way to grant a user specific permissions
Rails • Asked by Brent C
Trying to determine which way I should handle this. Normal User adds a post to our system, he then has the ability to update and delete this post. In the future he may assign other users the abi...

Token Auth API with Devise
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Michael Stitt
I just watched your screencast on using Devise for user authentication and learned quite a bit. However, I not only want to create a web app but I'd also like to provide a JSON API as another way ...

Capistrano deployment errors
Servers • Asked by Wouter van den Beld
Hi, I installed the working_hours gem to calculate SLA hours on my ticketsystem. It all works on dev so i was ready to deploy it to the production machine with capistrano now i get the follow...

problem with like link in nested resource
Rails • Asked by Pablo Seo
Hi Chris im doing the episode 'liking posts' i have difficult to do with deep nested resource, my actual nested resources looks: A. Routes: ```ruby resources :users do resources :...

Performance increase over group_by
Rails • Asked by arup rakshit
How can I write the below operation, being handled by _group_by_ Ruby method, in terms of DB specific query? ```ruby def list_users @search_by_options = [:age, :location, :department, :d...

(for developers)How much would it cost to develop a rails app?
General • Asked by Ryan Bent
I know there is a huge range on how much rails app would cost, Just ballparking, how much would it cost to develop a web app with subscription services for access to video content and email with d...

Is there a well-liked solution for handing nested model forms?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Rutul Dave
I am not sure what the consensus is on the best approach to handling nested model forms is. The solution in can work, but doesn...

Deploy Rails
Servers • Asked by Artem Kiryanov
Hi . Can you help me ? When i start : cap deploy production, i have errors: 1. rake stdout: Nothing written 2. rake stderr: syck has been removed, psych is used instead How can i resolve them?

How should I model this situation?
Rails • Asked by Chris Zempel
I need to store different metrics about various companies. These will be present for every company: * revenue * ebitda * cash * receivables * employees * debt each one has attribute...

General • Asked by Artem Kiryanov
Hello! Can yoy help me? I have Ruby 2.1.3 and Rails 4.1.7. I use gem ( ) and I do everything as it says, but i when paste this code: <pre><%= tinymce %></p...

Passenger Spinning down in Production
Servers • Asked by shakycode
My favorite combination of Rails/HTTP is Nginx + Passenger. They work wonderfully together and it's been super easy to setup across all of my apps. One thing I've noticed in some of my apps that ...

Associating Radio Buttons With Specific Field Subsets In Rails
Rails • Asked by Chris Zempel
**Situation:** A user enters the name of a venue they want to add. I query an external API and get back a list of possible venues they actually meant, which they'll then confirm. The venue model wi...

rbenv: bundle: command not found
Servers • Asked by Peter Boomsma
I'm trying to deploy my Rails app on my Digital Oceans VPS but I'm running into a error: Running `cap production deploy` ends up with this error: INFO[7cd03924] Running ~/.rbenv/bin/rbenv ex...