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Using multiple theme in Multi tenancy application
Oyewole Samuel asked
Great work Chris, this my second month in this forum and i really enjoy the series of tuts, please i'm currently working on multi tenancy application that require user to select desired theme. plea...

Single Devise User Model or Multiple Devise Models?
ronald chacon asked Solved
Hi all, I am planning to create an application that will have several types of users with a couple shared fields and many unrelated fields. What would be my best option? After doing some rese...

Survey - adding options though nested models
Chris Ma asked
Hey guys, a while ago, I tried to follow a railscast tutorial(notably on nested models where i was trying to build a sur...

Rspec Test on Multi tanent app with aparment gem
Francisco Quinones asked Solved
Hi I'm having a hard time figuring this out. Im starting to do test on my Multitenant app and encounter a problem when trying to run the...

Front-end frameworks and Turbolinks
Nick McNeany asked
Hey Everyone, I'm having a small problem with the JavaScript components of the [Uikit framework](http://www.getuikit) and I know it has to do with turbolinks. Here's the gem I'm using [Uikit2-Ra...

Displaying previous score in current record
John Munyi asked
Hi Chris I got a lil logic issue going on here, have a look at this gist so technically what i want is for each new weekly_perfo...

how to create in db this hash with Model.create
sacko idriss asked
```"livraisonlog"=>[{"vente_id"=>"3", "type_liv"=>"L", "produit_id"=>"57", "qte"=>"4.0"}, {"vente_id"=>"3", "type_liv"=>"L", "produit_id"=>"66", "qte"=>"5.0"}, {"vente_id...

sacko idriss asked
Hello I am working on a project that is to develop a platform. The platform will aim to monitor and records the payment transaction operations on the mobile network. I remind you that the mobile pa...

Access denied for user 'vagrant'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
Damon Delcoro asked
I have setup vagrant following the video and all is good but I can't seem to access Mysql. I have tried mysql --user=vagrant -p with no password but I get " Access denied for user 'vagrant'@'loca...

Ruby issue when doing cap deploy production
Anthony Candaele asked
Hi, I'm following the Deploy Rails guide. However, when I run cap production deploy I'm getting this error message: $cap production deploy DEBUG[be6b6bd6] Running /usr/bin/...

Automated email notification summary
Andreas Koutsoukos asked
Hi, I like to have my application to send automated emails summary to users. Users have multiple profiles that they can make and like to notify the users by email if there is more than 5 new profi...

How do i show a specific book and show all the activity that a uniq user provided with the public_activity gem?
Wesly Mezarina asked
I'm able to show a stream of activity for each user in their profile. What I'm trying to figure out is how i can have a book show one time with the activity that a specific user provided on the sid...

How can i tell to devise to look at some other views?
Stefan Dabizljevic asked
Hey i have some problem with devise. I already created devise model for User and after that i run command rails g devise:views without user at the and. And now i decided that i must to have couple ...

deeply nested forms
John Munyi asked
Hey Chris i am tinkering with deeply nested forms, all is well but I can manage to render the show with all 3 forms in one ... esp the last form. when its added I get non method error and i am sure...

Creating appointments with calendar integration
Daniel Kehoe asked
Hi, I'm working on an app for a personal trainer, at the moment I've got a User class with STI for clients and trainers. The way I would like the appointments to work is from the trainers side they...

Compare two active record results along just one column
Michael Victor asked
I have 3 models - `Items`, `Customizations` and `Property Maps` Property Maps has a polymorphic association with Items and Customizations The business logic here is, when listing customizatio...

Category filter implementation (perhaps with search)
Sean M asked
Hi Chris! At the moment I have product and industry models with has_many :through associations, and would like to list the products based on the industries. I'd like to create a category (in my...

Multi tenant with different template (View)
Oyewole Samuel asked
I've ask this question once but not clear on implementation, i've a multi tenant application using different template (View). Every tenant required to setup and choose template from setup. after th...

How i can do multiple login with devise?
Stefan Dabizljevic asked
Hi everybody temporary i'm working on some rails project where i have one super admin which can create company, employee, resources also he can to add employee in the some company employee can to h...

How do I set up dynamic routes?
Chris Collinsworth asked
I asked this question on Stack Overflow: If anyone has any feedback or an answer to this I'm all ears. I've been hashing through ...

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