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Fallback 19:41
How to use Google Maps and Markers
#204 · Pro

Using the Gmaps.js library, we can really easily add Google Maps to our Rails applications

Fallback 3:03
Testing Emails in Development with Mailcatcher
#203 ·

Learn how to send emails to a local SMTP server called Mailcatcher for testing and designing emails

Fallback 19:38
Login with Multiple OAuth Providers using Omniauth
#202 · Pro

Learn how to let your users login with multiple OAuth providers like Twitter, Facebook, Github, Google, etc all at the same time.

Fallback 20:19
Facebook API and Refreshing Auth Tokens with Koala
#201 · Pro

Learn how to use the Facebook API and refresh auth tokens using the Koala gem

Fallback 17:10
Geolocation and Search with Geocoder
#200 ·

Geolocate addresses using the geocoder gem and then use it to search your database by location

Fallback 16:34
Login with Facebook
#199 · Pro

Learn how to add Facebook login via OAuth using Omniauth

Fallback 13:27
Debugging: How to Interpret a Stacktrace
#198 ·

Learn how to analyze and understand the Ruby stacktrace when something goes wrong in your app

Fallback 19:23
Stripe Elements Javascript
#197 · Pro

Learn about Stripe's new v3 Javascript library, Stripe Elements, and how to implement it for an even nicer credit card form

Fallback 21:34
Tracking Metrics with Ahoy and Blazer
#196 ·

Tracking business metrics can be time consuming and costly but the Ahoy gem lets you easily track metrics and Blazer makes it incredibly easy to analyze your data

Fallback 21:59
Analytics with Segment
#195 · Pro

Track users and the actions they take in your Rails app and then send them over to various 3rd party services using Segment

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