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File uploading with ActiveStorage in Rails 5.2
#233 ·

Easily add file uploads to any model (including single or multiple files) using Rails 5.2's new ActiveStorage feature

Stimulus JS Twitter UI: Part 2
#232 · Pro

Build out a Twitter UI with a tweet form and inline editing using Stimulus JS

Stimulus JS Twitter UI: Part 1
#231 · Pro

Build out a Twitter UI with a tweet form and inline editing using Stimulus JS

Undo Sending Button like GMail
#230 · Pro

This episode we build an undo button to stop sending notifications out just like you can hit "Undo" inside of GMail

Rails 5.2 - Encrypted Credentials
#229 · Pro

Learn how to use the new Encrypted credentials in Rails 5.2 as a replacement to the old secrets.yml and encrypted secrets.

Building A Hosting Platform in Ruby
#228 ·

A talk I recently gave for Remote Ruby explaining some of the approaches I use to build

How to install Tailwind CSS using Webpacker with Rails
#227 ·

Learn how to use the awesome new Tailwind CSS framework using Webpacker in your Rails app

Handle 404s Better Using Rescue_from
#226 · Pro

Rather than serving your user's a 404 dead end, we can use the ActiveSupport rescue_from method to give users search results instead and how to reuse this with ActiveSupport Concerns

Stimulus JS Framework Introduction
#225 ·

A look into Stimulus JS, a new Javascript framework by Basecamp to pair closely with Turbolinks

Vue.js Trello Clone in Rails - Part 8
#224 · Pro

Adding Vuex as our Data Store gives us the ability to add realtime updates to our trello clone across browsers using ActionCable

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