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Organizing Your Asset Pipeline in Development for Speed
#151 · Pro

Speed up the Rails asset pipeline in development by organizing your assets correctly

How to Upgrade to Turbolinks 5
#107 ·

Learn how to upgrade your Turbolinks 2.5 or 3.0 app to the newest Turbolinks 5

Using Bootstrap 4 Rubygem with Rails
#88 ·

Bootstrap 4 was just announced and you can start using it today in your Rails app

Using Purchased Themes with Rails
#83 · Pro

Learn how to take a theme your purchased at WrapBootstrap, Themeforest, etc and build layouts for them in your Rails app

Usability And Video Autoplay With Wistia
#82 · Pro

Learn about video autoplaying with Wistia and how it improves usability

Open Source Vlog - Sorting Calendar Events
#79 ·

We sort and filter calendar events for simple_calendar 2.0 in a much more friendly manner

@Mentions, Autocomplete, Notifications, and Links
#78 · Pro

Learn how to add @mentions, autocomplete, notifications, and link parsing

Manage Assets With Rails Assets
#61 ·

Rails Assets makes it super easy to use the latest versions of frontend libraries

How To Create A Gem For Frontend Javascript And CSS Libraries
#59 ·

Learn how to create Ruby gems for including frontend Javascript and CSS libraries in your Rails apps

Clean Javascript Code Using Data-Behavior On The Frontend
#58 · Pro

Separate responsibilities of Javacsript from your HTML tags by using the data-behavior attribute

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