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dealing with authorized parts in fragment caching
General Solved • Asked by Sz M
I have a facebook/disqus like news feed in my app. Every action handled via AJAX on the posts index page. I have hard time figuring out how to do the russian-doll-catching when there are authorized...

Opinion: Destroy or not destroy
General • Asked by Dan Tappin
I am working on an app and I have already added the paper trail gem ( to track revisions. Now I am thinking that I want to add Paranoia (

Loop through associated records and deliver as csv
General Solved • Asked by Sascha M.
Hi there, I've watched your CSV export episode and I'm using the exact same code to export the records to a CSV. I've got two tables: Orders and Sales. 1 Order has_many Sales and 1 Sale belon...

Pointing a method to a namespace, class, or something (ruby question)
General • Asked by Chris Zempel
I'm building an API wrapper and struggling with how to set it up the way I'd like. Here's an example of what I'd ultimately like this to look like: ```ruby

Nofications screen cast
Site Feedback • Asked by John Munyi
Hi Chris , I am following the notifications screen here : all is well no errors but when i create a post the notifications a...

Ajax refresh while persisting params
Javascript • Asked by shakycode
I'm maintaining an old Rails app and am trying to have a my index action use a form_tag to pass the params of a region so I can scope the results of calls by region. This works fine and dandy, but...

Action Cable vs Mailboxer?
General Solved • Asked by Enrique Benitez
Differences and pros/cons between Rails 5 new **Action Cable** vs **Mailboxer** gem? What are your thoughts? :)

Push bitmap to clients in realtime
General Solved • Asked by Ilya Cherevkov
Hi Chris! I want to create a service which will show a heatmap with some stocks data in realtime (updated each second). Each second there will be around 100 new data points and in general, chart...

An other deployment question
Servers • Asked by Romain Nim
Hello everyone! I'm new to Rails (and at coding in general) and english is not my mother tongue, so I might say clumsy stuffs, so please bear with me :D I'm finally ready to launch my first a...

jquery.turbolinks not working on my app
Javascript Solved • Asked by Enrique Benitez
I'm using both jquery and turbolinks on my app and because turbolinks don't make full page loads I need some of my js to fire when navigating between pages using turbolinks, I really don't want to ...

Polling/Long Polling navbar notifications
General Solved • Asked by Christophe Estanol
Chris I have been using your implementation of navbar notifications and I really like the way it's constructed. I can implement Facebook style notifications and I am pretty happy about it. Howeve...

About In-App Navbar Notifications
General Solved • Asked by Christophe Estanol
Chris, thanks for this one. Notifications work like a charm. I was just wondering... How do I create different JSONs for different models? ``` json.array! @notifications do |notification|...

form builder for admin
General • Asked by Kelvin Atawura
is there any rails gem that you can use to create a form builder that an admin can use to create a form for the frontend. probs something that works similar to . Any ideas ...

How do I add a loading spinner and bar like this site?
General Solved • Asked by Enrique Benitez
I know it's a **turbolinks** feature but I don't know how to make it appear or how to do it, it's pretty nice the way GoRails handles the loading with that spinner and bar, how is it done? *Than...

best way to validate URL
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Sz M
Hi Chris! I've been looking for a good URL validator for a while, but all the solutions I found are kinda weird, so I'm not even sure if I wanna use any. Here is my usecase: A user can create...

GoRails speed
Site Feedback • Asked by Isaac Ben Hutta
Hi Chris, It would be nice if you could share with us what techniques you use to make this site so fast, and if and how do you deal with scaling problems.

Deployment Question
Servers • Asked by Chris Zempel
Hey, debugging a deployment script I didn't set up and running into an error that I'm not making any headway with via StackOverflow or general Googling. Here's what it is: ``` bundle exec ca...

How to add logo image to mailer
Rails • Asked by Francisco Quinones
Hi how can we add image from my assets to the email like my logo when sending email to the users.

Migration Issue caused Heroku to fail.
Servers • Asked by Terence Devine
I have an application on Heroku that uses the Paperclip gem that recently had some issues - and I'm not 100% sure on what it was that caused it. I have the application working locally (including th...

lazy high charts gem
Gems / Libraries • Asked by John Munyi
Hi there, I have been tinkering `lazy high gem` trying to get charts up and running, it works well with hard-coded data into the chart but when I try passing data dynamically i cant make some ...