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DigitalOcean Spaces CORS configuration for AJAX POST requests
Rails • Asked by Masud Hossain
Traditional file upload (click upload and than click submit) works fine, but when i try to use the jquery fileupload with AJAX to make a post request to the server, it'll return a CORS error. I sa...

"Undefined method error" while trying to implement In-App Notification.
Rails • Asked by Tolase Kelvin Adegbite
Hi people! I'm trying to implement this to an app am building (I want to create the notifications for comments where the comment belongs to episode and episode belongs to story and genre)... When i...

How do I save a save a has_many association?
Rails Solved • Asked by Morgan
I have setup a service that parses and saves the result of an external API which all works great, however, I can't work out how to save the array of images that need to be saved in a has_many relat...

Exporting to CSV and including records from related models
Rails • Asked by RJ McCollam
I have a user model in my application that has instances of 3 other models and what I am trying to do is to export to CSV all of the user information as well as the information for the other models...

Profile image gallery provided by database
Rails • Asked by Dim Dir
I'm currently working on profile images for registered users. I have implemented a basic image profile with the paperclip gem. but i am looking for more and not sure if paperclip can do it or no...

Multi-URL Website Setup/Architecture
Rails • Asked by Ryan Carter
Lets say you want to set up a forum site at Then you want to add a subdomain where the URL would point to something like All of's forum questio...

How do i save the initial time a boolean went from false to true
Rails Solved • Asked by Dim Dir
I have a boolean column in my table and a datetime related to it. I want to be able to track down when the boolean initially turns true. In the model I have tried def example if boolean_fiel...

Chartkick and impressionist gem render not working
Rails • Asked by Ben John Bagley
**EDIT 1** Here is a screenshot of the [current graph]( **Original Post** I'm using both chartkick and the impressionist gem and I seem t...

Drag and drop form builder
Rails • Asked by shekhar thakkar
Is there any drag and drop from builder gem in rails? Please suggest me .

HTTP, Faraday, Typhoeus or something else?
Gems / Libraries Solved • Asked by Morgan
I have an external JSON API that I need to parse and save and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to use? I found tons of info on building a rails API but very little on consumin...

Ruby • Asked by roberto santelices
I have trouble solving the following excercise, i was wondering if there is any way in ruby where i can get which method called which i think caller but i havent figured out yet ``` require_re...

Restrict Users to have only one post ..!!
Rails • Asked by gurupal singh
I am creating an application where User will login into their account (using devise gem for authentication) and add their personal details/upload documents and obviously every user have their pers...

Chat Using Action Cable part 3 - Chatroom and ChatroomUsers Association
Ruby • Asked by RicePad
I've been playing around and trying to implement a chat such as slack as shown on Chris's screencast. On Chatroom index I'm able to Show, Edit, Join, and Leave. However, when I clicked on Show e...

What Everybody Ought To Know About RoR Benefits?
General • Asked by Verna Zaleski
When you are searching for a framework that is affordable, feature-rich and even helps you with quick web app development, you can definitely rely on Ruby on Rails. With this framework you can effo...

Handle schema changes and data changes using migrations?
Databases • Asked by Tabish Iqbal
ashley [2:18 PM] What are different strategies folks use for handling _schema changes_ and _data changes_ and using *migrations*? *Once you have a production system running but need to do schema...

How to migrate from Heroku to Digital Ocean
Servers Solved • Asked by Francisco Quinones
Chris, I'm thinking of moving to digital Ocean from Heroku but my knowledge on this topic is cloudy. Can you tell us about the differences between the 2 service? and benefit.

Using symbols is Thread Safe in Rails ?
Rails • Asked by Pardha
Hi, I read a good article about Thread Safe in Rails. Here is the [link]( One thing that I ...

Hatch Deploy
Servers Solved • Asked by Felender Hlungwani
Hi, I recently deployed 2 apps on one server, how do I view the second app coz the view site button redirect me to the first app Ive deployed ?

Order confirmation page in rails
Rails • Asked by Felender Hlungwani
I've been trying to create an order confirmation page for my rails app, and am not quite sure how to go about it in a restful way. There were a few answers on this question that got me halfway t...

Two-factor Authentication
Rails Solved • Asked by Felender Hlungwani
Hi Chris, please assist with creating a Two-factor Authentication like the one you have on hatch Thanks