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assign_attributes not working
Rails Solved • Asked by Charles Smith
I just signed up for Payments with Stripe and Rails Master Class and am loving it...can't walk away from it; learning a ton! Having an issue though and was hoping someone could lend a hand. I am...

How do I integrate the local_time gem without using the asset pipeline?
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Michael Raeford
How do I add the local_time gem to my project without using the asset pipeline as shown in one of the tutorial videos on building a user forum (

How can I use Rails Each Array and In-page search to show/hide div content
Rails Solved • Asked by Omar Khedr
I'm trying to set up a simple search bar to show/hide content in my rails app. Specifically, trying to allow someone to search for a specific user via username in my chatroom which are being shown ...

Disaster recover plan?!
Servers Solved • Asked by Karim Tarek
Hello, So I'm deploying my first Rails app built for a customer – 🎉 – to production in couple of days – I'm using Hatch – and I'm not sure what kind of setup/plan I should have for "disater reco...

JSON Web Tokens with Devise & Warden (--api)
Rails • Asked by Antonio F.
Hello, You can create an episode with the same typology ( using a project of this type: rails new weather --api thank you regards

Youtube text transcription
Rails • Asked by Carlos Castro
Hello, i'm wonder if there's a way to get the youtube caption text after being autogenerated by youtube itself? Thanks a lot, @Carlitos

Accepts_nested_attributes vs the regular way.
Rails • Asked by John Magee
So I've spent the last couple days working with `accepts_nested_attributes_for` in an effort to understand them (I've never used them before). I've used a variety of sources (GoRails video of cour...

How do I Export a CSV file where it includes all the nested attributes?
Rails Solved • Asked by Steve
Greetings: I would like to export a CSV file where it includes all the nested attributes. I have an invoice model and a product model. Each invoice has many products. I am able to export to CSV ...

Link to a method in my model
Rails Solved • Asked by Simon P
Hi I have a method called Search(search) in my model which is called from my controller. This works fine when I enter a search term in an input box in my view. What I now want to do is creat...

Struggling with an association test
Testing • Asked by John Sanderbeck
I have a project that has a User, a Building, and a Role There is a building_roles table that is user_id, building_id, and role_id Then I have a has_many :users through building_roles There is a...

What do you like to do away from the computer?
General • Asked by Andrew Fomera
Hey everybody, I'm curious what you guys like to do when you take time off from programming. I personally like to play video games, or lately go on hikes or mountain bike. I recently bought ...

Rails How to link an email form with Sendgrid?
Rails Solved • Asked by Omar Khedr
I was able to create a contact form that when a user clicks submit - its send an email (which i get in my yahoo inbox). I would like to now have that email be sent via sendgrid so that I can an...

How can I do drop down dependencies?
Rails • Asked by Josh Cooper
First: Apologies if already addressed. i have two situations where i need dropdown/select dependencies and wondering if anyone can help with a simple way of handling this using Rails, gem, minin...

Following "Scheduling post" episode with background jobs
General Solved • Asked by Christophe Estanol
Following Chris great post on scheduling I am using `delayed_job_active_record` to schedule quote from my app to be tweeted and shared on FB. Here is my `quote.rb` model with the current logic: ...

Hatch / Updates
Servers Solved • Asked by Louis-Philippe ENGELMANN
Are you going to manage the updates of the core components (vs gems) like Postgres / Redis etc ... ?

Bye bye Heroku 👋 welcome Hatch 🐣 Deploying my first app, few trivial question :)
Servers Solved • Asked by Karim Tarek
Hello, Although I've been working with Rails for about 3 years now I was never resposible for deploying apps and dealing with servers – embarrassing, right? – apart from a side project I used H...

Clone GIT project from another version of Rails
General • Asked by Mauricio Duran
Hi Chris, See how to work a project in rails (4 - 3) on my computer (rails 5) with the RVM. Thank you

Working with FullCalendar in Rails
Gems / Libraries • Asked by Mauricio Duran
Hello Cris, Excuse my English. I want to know how (rails v-5) work with FullCalendar and simulate an example ?. I have seen several URLs and GitHub, but they all work differently ... Thank...

How to redirect batch of urls from routes.rb
Rails • Asked by flrnt
I have an issue here and struggling with it for hours. For SEO purpose, I have to redirect (301) something like 200 urls for now, maybe more later, maybe less. I want to have easy access to it. S...

Rails5 + JQuery progress bar not functioning
Javascript Solved • Asked by Neil Patel
Implementing a JQuery progress bar so when you scroll down it should show a green bar across the top. When I start scrolling the progress bar does not appear. I use inspect element on the bar div c...