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What music gets you kept you motivated when developing?

Alan Reid asked in General
Had an interesting message from a GoRails member (Jacob) which mentioned what music we listen to as we develop. It's a great discussion starter and could be cool to share playlists from Spotify, or tracks that really help you get int he zone as you're building up your apps.

We could even create a GoRails Spotify playlist. And if you don't use Spotify what do you use?

So to get us started, I have been listening to these acoustic playlists they get updated every so often. But I find them great to have playing in the background. 

Hot Acoustic Covers and Acoustic Cafe Mornings
It depends on what I'm feeling. 

Recently I can put this on rotation and get to work:

Music is a passion for me. Music has helped me get up from falling. I love music

I find that music with lyrics interfere with my thinking, and classical music is not that interesting, so I find this is very suitable for listening at work: Violin Covers of popular songs

I often listen to music online at youtube or at tonos de llamada yotonos it's really cool.

My growth dynamics when seen at the sonidos sonidosmp3gratis it really gives me a rather unique ideal.

stuff that puts you at peace with the world, feels like a warm blanket, or gives you bursts of happy energy! anything that puts a smile on your face, I want to hear it . I'm listen music at here:

great , Some ringtone sounds are completely free at

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