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A Look Into Routing Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver
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Sirbu Nicolae-Cezar was first. you are like the google+ thing. which is cool for you :p. keep up with the good videos.

For users books you can update your route to `resources :books, only: [:show, :index]`. So that, Rails only have to generate those routes and you can explain `only` and `except` options too.

Yes! I forgot to mention that. Thanks for sharing. :)

rails cast is dead. long live the

Greate cast, thank you ! What is greate as well is that you touched a little bit the devise settings to apply. Really helpful !

Nice work, routes is much clearer for me now!
Which bash theme do you use?

It's a Monokai theme for ZSH. You can download it here

I hope gorails will replace rails cast. rails cast tutorials are almost useless for me because most of them are outdated.

Sure some of RailsCast's content may be outdated but the fundamentals are still there, lots of cool tricks in their pro series, learned a ton from their site just on caching alone.

Whats a good rule of thumb for what verbs to use?

Whats a good rule of thumb for choosing the route verbs in this set up, i don't get why you used what you use there.

hiyas how i can add a middleware in to the routes ?

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