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Posted in The Behaviors Of Super Discussion

Way to help us supercharge our troubleshooting skills. :D Great episode!

Posted in Editing Passwords Discussion

Hey Chris! Enjoyed the video!

Any issue with using:

@password =
current_user.passwords << @password
redirect_to @password

In the create action instead of how you tackled it in the lesson?

Posted in Law of Demeter and Delegation Discussion

Another interesting episode, Collin! I appreciate the chill vibes. :)

Posted in Understand Scope Returns Discussion

Very interesting episode, Collin! TIL you could get the path to the source of a method right from the console ✨

Posted in A Look Into Routing Discussion

Came here to say this. :) 🐱

Posted in Loops & Blocks in Ruby Discussion

Interesting! And awesome, looking forward to it. :)

Posted in Loops & Blocks in Ruby Discussion

Hey Collin! Can you give us some examples where you might want to reach for a Proc or a stabby lambda instead of a regular method / function?

Posted in Arrays in Ruby Discussion

That underscore tip is really handy!

Same here - thank you!