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Rails for Beginners Part 14: Handling Sign Up Errors Discussion

Love these Chris, noting some new tricks along the way. Plus your always positive demeanour makes this so enjoyable to go through.


If you're finding that you don't get 'Thanks!' back after setting up your create method, add local: true to your form.

Thanks for pointing that out, local: true resolves it


I could not use @user.errors.any? in rails console.

but if I use [email protected]? Maybe it is my ruby version it is not the 3 but the 2.7... but my rails is 6.1.1 .
The error is in minute 6:37 <% if user = @user.errors.any? %>

Very sorry my wrong here. I did not saved the data bank so it was empty. Very sorry.


hi, when I click sign up nothing happens, why :( ?


Solution please!!!
when i create the account with already existing email ,, then it does not give an error.
already existing email validation is not working.

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