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Adding 'data: { turbo: false }' & setting "local: true" worked for me

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Thanks Chris!

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False alarm guys - as I suspected ancestry gem, made this a piece of cake.

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Hey Fellow GoRailers,
I have a feature that I'm implementing and some guidance would be well appreciated.
It's linked posts: every time a posts gets updated, a link is placed on the original report to the (new) updated one.

The updated post is a brand new post (i.e. it has it's own view and URL, etc.) but it is related to other posts.

eg.) So the Product Hunt raises $1 million story, there was the original and say 5 updates. By the time the post is finished and no more updates will be added, the original post should have links to the other 5. Each of the other 5 should have links back to the original and the other stories.

So my thoughts where - using the after_update callback in my Post Controller, then past that updated record into a new Post object and link it via Post_id. I had problems thinking how to create the new post without it updated the original post.
Whilst typing this I remembered that the Ancestry gem may be used, and I could treat each updated message as a child node.

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Hey, very helpful video.

I have a question - on Bootstrap-sass Github, it recommends to also add "gem 'sass-rails', '>= 3.2'" to your Gemfile.
is that required?