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This site needs to have some markup on the videos to reference later videos for any issues discovered after recording

If anyone notices that the tweets get deleted also when they are updated, this code fixes it also for Rails 7
// tweets_controller.rb
def destroy
redirect_to tweets_path, notice: 'Tweet was unscheduled', status: :see_other. <--note this is for rails 7 for it will route to the show page by default
// _form.html.erb
<%= link_to "Delete", tweet_path(@tweet), data: {turbo_method: :delete, turbo_confirm: 'Are you sure?'}, class: "btn btn-outline-danger" %>

Just had that issue, hope this helps

add this :data => {turbo: "false"}

<%= button_to 'twitter', '/auth/twitter', method: :post, :data => {turbo: "false"}%>

Thanks Michael! Wish I read your comment before searching SO :D
To read more on Michael's answer

Another soln:
<%= form_with model: @user, data: { turbo: false }, url: sign_up_path do |form| %>

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Hi Chris! I have, and also Rails performs much better than Laravel on many performance benchmarks too. Both are lovely frameworks and make development so much easier, faster, and more fun-er.

Not to mention Ruby is a much more expressive (and enjoyable) language to write code in versus PHP.

Just concerned whether it may be relevant given the "time ago" of some of the content since this site is essentially the equivalent of Laracasts for the ROR community, but theirs expands much on modern client-side development, TDD, project-based learning, and lots of best practices and techniques, integrations with GraphQL, Mongo, React etc **hint hint

Thanks so much for the reply!

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Hi guys, I'd love to learn more on ROR and it appears this is a really comprehensive site, but a lot of the content seems rather dated.

I want an honest opinion on whether a subscription to this site is worth it compared to Laracasts where there is much more content like React, Vue, best practices, principles, and how it fits with the base content. But that's for the PHP world.

Is it still relevant though?

I saw that Rails 7 is recently released and the demo from DTT looks super awesome!

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Thanks for that man, i just did the same!

I wonder why that comes up though, when running ruby -v or rbenv version it comes up as 3.0.0 correctly

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Hi guys! are we missing a step? What about the firewall and stuff?