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Loops & Blocks in Ruby Discussion

Discussion for Loops & Blocks in Ruby

Hey Collin! Can you give us some examples where you might want to reach for a Proc or a stabby lambda instead of a regular method / function?


Sure thing, I'll work on writing something up soon and/or add a video about this. One thing to think about in the meantime is this: A method (typically) is "bound" to a specific object, causing self to refer to that object when the method is invoked. On the other hand, a Proc lacks this behavior, as self relies on the context in which the Proc was created or called.


Interesting! And awesome, looking forward to it. :)


One of my favs in the series so far! : )


Is it really "introduction" to loops? I'm talking about the second part


Thanks you, Collin! Just one comment: there are some simple things that you explain with all details, but there are others that are complicated and I feel that I have not enough information on them. Especially Proc, yield and lambda.
For everyone else I would recommend using GPT to learn more about those thing in addition to great Collin's tutorial

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