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Posted in How to use Test Stubs with Minitest Discussion

would it be reasonable to have a subset of the testsuite only testing expensive external dependencies (db access, 3rd/party/integrations, etc. and run these on the side, and have stubbed methods being tested on a second threat, so to speak, that could run continuously (via guard, i.e.) during development? i guess one would still need some sort of integration test on top of that to make sure there is no disconnect between the two parts...

Posted in A Look Into Routing Discussion

when putting auth checks on route, is the auth check on the controller then doubling the functionality?

is the modules directive in the route still necessary, or could you just scope :admin the whole route block?

Posted in Decorators with the Draper Gem Discussion

Draper development seems to be on a bit of a hiatus, any good alternatives to look at?

Posted in Dependency Inversion Principle Discussion