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Liked hearing the meows in the background :)

This was one of the topics that tripped me up learning Rails and honestly never took the time to fully understand. Thanks for breaking it down.

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Love that this video is still just as relevant today as it was years ago!

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Awesome. Thanks for the guidance Chris! Oh, and of course, the wonderful content :)

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I have been away from Rails for about three years now and I have been trying to get level back up my knowledge. What suggestions does everyone have relearning the Rails ecosystem? What is the best path for coursework here on Go Rails for someone trying to relearn Rails?


Hello Ramond!

It's very overwhelming. Web development today is a lot of stuff like a lot a lot of stuff. I have been doing it for about 5 years and the pace hasn't slowed and I have something new to learn everyday. Just like any overwhelming and complex topic the best way to approach it is by one small step at a time. When you set out to learn or improve one day at a time you will look back after a month, quarter, a year and be amazed at how far you have come. I suspect even after learning some JS you have learned quite a bit.

I will say too that it gets slightly easier. Learning Ruby will lend itself to learning Node or PHP. Understanding some System Admin concepts will help with understanding Docker and Kubernetes. They all tend to build on one another.

Finally I found this guide helpful ->

The point being that there is a lot to learn and this roadmap can help you set out in an organized fashion for what to tackle and how to proceed. Hope that helps!

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Such a great introduction to Vue and Rails together. Thanks for getting this series put together!