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i get this error :(

Adding configurations
append .gitignore
Installing all JavaScript dependencies
run yarn add @rails/webpacker coffeescript@1.12.7 from "."
ERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'add'
Installing dev server for live reloading
run yarn add --dev webpack-dev-server from "."
Usage: yarn [options]

yarn: error: no such option: --dev

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hiyas how i can add a middleware in to the routes ?

Hi again i try to use normaly make a new project and only use a controller it make to my the token but at try to autentificate using the token i get 401
HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized, i detect the problem is Devise can i get help to make working using devise and dont get conflict ?

Hiyas i have try to use this tutorial for that i get the pro :) and is cool but i have a problem try to use in my actual project im using Mongoid and devise i get errir at try to use has_secure_password :( can i get some help please

hiyas this line videos is for using imap, pop to recive emial or is only to make messages between users in the app ?

One question this is for messages between users in application or is to make a imap client ?

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hiyas i have carrierwave in my proyect and i want to multiple upload using only one file_field im already add multiple: true but they ignore all :(

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Muchas gracias el tutorial me ayudo mucho lo estoy implementando en un proyecto que tengo jejeje muchas gracias
Thanks very much the tutorial help very well thanks

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Excelente muchas gracias por el video :)