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Advanced Mailboxer: Multiple User Conversations Discussion

Itzik Ben Hutta ·

Cool music entrance :) Great video of course.

Thought it was about time to spruce up the videos. :)

Great one! Can you cover mailboxer attachments? Thanks!

Absolutely will cover that! :D

hiyas this line videos is for using imap, pop to recive emial or is only to make messages between users in the app ?

Keyword args are the best part of ruby 2 (IMO). I use them in my own code whenever a method takes more than 1 arg. I try to keep methods simple so that there is only one to start with, but when I can't, it adds a lot of clarity. Thanks for bringing it up. I hope it becomes more common.

Thank you chris for this cover on this great gem

Hey Chris Just a thought but instead user_id could you cover how to make first_name & last_name as the parameters?

For the select box, you can customize it to display user names using this:

hey chris, if i want to NOT send email s for every message that i send to a user, how can i do that? how can i just keep these messages internal in my app? thanks

Just update the Mailboxer config to disable sending emails and you should be all set:

  config.uses_emails = false

Hey @excid3:disqus do you think you will come back to this and explain the cross model conversations? E.g. I might have a Client model and User model

and/or have message types like Feedback or Support but use Mailboxer for both?


I wasn't planning to dive more into it, but I could be persuaded.

As far as multiple models, there's nothing special other than including the acts_as_messageable on them I think. See:

For different conversation types, you can probably add a column to the mailboxer_conversations table for the conversation_type and then you'd just have to create the Conversation record with that extra attribute. You may either need to create conversations directly through Mailboxer::Conversation model or you might do a send_message and then update the Mailboxer::Conversation record with the conversation_type after it has been created. I'm not sure which the best solution would be there but you can experiment with both and see what's cleanest / easiest. All in all that shouldn't be too bad.

Erick Recher ·

Do you discuss how to delete/trash messages?


Does anyone know how to fix this issue? The ampersand is showing up in html, rather than showing the ampersand symbol. Ironically, Chinese characters show up fine. :D

Thanks for any feedback.

I love the insight that an out-of-date gem can be an opportunity to learn how to level up your skills. BTW, here's an update about mailboxer: someone has forked and has answered some of the pull requests.

If you want a more updated version of mailboxer, check this out:

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