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Posted in Select Or Create Field With Selectize.js Discussion

Hey Chris,

I noticed you have created this... can we expect a GoRails episode on this soon? Would you still recommend Selectize with Rails 6?


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You are a legend! this SOLUTION helped me most of call...
close all shell windows
open a new windows powershell
wsl --shutdown
Open ubuntu
rails new myapp -d postgresql

Any solution to this? based on the screencast here? Even if the users email isn't scoped with the subdomain but when you login it redirects you to your subdomain and creates the session would be good. Any ideas @chris?

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Hey @joe, thanks for the response much appreciated.

Yeah I was thinking that as well so thanks for reaffirming. I think i'll head down the simpler method. :)


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Hi @chris Oliver, just wondering if you think the Apartment Gem is still a good solution for multi tenancy?

Also if you don't necessarily require the subdomain functionality but just looking for a way to setup Account with users funcitonality is there another gem or just do it manually?


@chris have you seen this gem? interested to know your thoughts on this? using Rack middleware when processing the request/response cycle.

Keen for some more react.

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That did the job. :) Legend. Thank you.

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Hey @chris, I have a brand new Ubuntu OS install and have installed refresh Ruby 2.5 and Rails 5.2 running 
the new app command as you mention I am getting the following errors. Any idea why this might be? It builds app but seems to fail everything else after...

Sorry... Link here.

This is awesome! Looking forward to other preview types like keynotes etc. also what about soft delete? It’s very rare these days with work that we actually hard delete. 

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Yeah that will be awesome. Vuex is awesome. Combined with Rails ActionCable though that will be cool to see. We use Vue Axios for API calls and bootstrap-vue which might want to look at for front-end.

Also highly recommend the Vue Chrome extension to help see what's in the Vuex, Events and general components being loaded.

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Awesome series! Currently using Vue.js on it's own talking to a PHP Yii2 API but love my Rails so was keen to see how i can use it with Rails.

Would love to see more! Thanks.

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Was looking at this the other week... perfect timing Chris. Legend.

+1 Elastic Search

Hi Chris Oliver,
I keep getting the following error "You cannot call create unless the parent is saved" on line 25 of the omniauth_callbacks_controller.rb

Was this working correctly with yours?

Posted in How can I do drop down dependencies?

First: Apologies if already addressed.

i have two situations where i need dropdown/select dependencies and wondering if anyone can help with a simple way of handling this using Rails, gem, mininal js.

  1. using Ancestry gem and parent/child setup
  2. using one to many association

i came across subdivision_select gem and like the simplicity of this.

@chris maybe a screencast on this?

Any help/direction is much appreciated


Hey @excid3:disqus do you think you will come back to this and explain the cross model conversations? E.g. I might have a Client model and User model

and/or have message types like Feedback or Support but use Mailboxer for both?


Fantastic episode! spot on :) Why reinvent the wheel. Allows you to focus on the really purpose of your application.

Posted in Select Or Create Field With Selectize.js Discussion

Awesome! Would love more episodes like this. :)

Posted in Recurring events with the ice_cube gem Discussion

Hi @excid3:disqus looking to try and implement views like this
That's what I mean by "view for possible listing?"

Also when you click on Week, Month etc it provide Event summary like number of events in that month/week.

Would be a good for extending on this series also :)