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404 Not Found after deploy to Ubuntu server
Servers • Asked by Jagger Kyne
I followed the [tutorial]( on this site and deploy my rail app on the newly setup ubuntu server. the rails app is successfully run on heroku, so it must s...

Capistrano deployment errors
Servers • Asked by Wouter van den Beld
Hi, I installed the working_hours gem to calculate SLA hours on my ticketsystem. It all works on dev so i was ready to deploy it to the production machine with capistrano now i get the follow...

Deploy Rails
Servers • Asked by Artem Kiryanov
Hi . Can you help me ? When i start : cap deploy production, i have errors: 1. rake stdout: Nothing written 2. rake stderr: syck has been removed, psych is used instead How can i resolve them?

Passenger Spinning down in Production
Servers • Asked by shakycode
My favorite combination of Rails/HTTP is Nginx + Passenger. They work wonderfully together and it's been super easy to setup across all of my apps. One thing I've noticed in some of my apps that ...

rbenv: bundle: command not found
Servers • Asked by Peter Boomsma
I'm trying to deploy my Rails app on my Digital Oceans VPS but I'm running into a error: Running `cap production deploy` ends up with this error: INFO[7cd03924] Running ~/.rbenv/bin/rbenv ex...

rbenv: 2.1.2 is not installed or not found
Servers • Asked by Peter Boomsma
I'm trying to deploy my local Rails app to my Digital Ocean VPS using the GoRails guide > But I'm running into a error when I want to deploy: ca...

where to look for errors besides nginx error logs
Servers Solved • Asked by Anthony Candaele
Hi, My currently deployed Rails app seems to have issues with uploading images to Amazon S3 storage through CarrierWave. I get the familiar "We're sorry, but something went wrong." message. ...

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