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Nginx.conf failed
Jagger Kyne asked
I followed line by line in [this tutorial]( setup my own production server. After Nginx is installed and up and running, I followed the instruction to m...

404 Not Found after deploy to Ubuntu server
Jagger Kyne asked
I followed the [tutorial]( on this site and deploy my rail app on the newly setup ubuntu server. the rails app is successfully run on heroku, so it must s...

Capistrano deployment errors
Wouter van den Beld asked
Hi, I installed the working_hours gem to calculate SLA hours on my ticketsystem. It all works on dev so i was ready to deploy it to the production machine with capistrano now i get the follow...

Deploy Rails
Artem Kiryanov asked
Hi . Can you help me ? When i start : cap deploy production, i have errors: 1. rake stdout: Nothing written 2. rake stderr: syck has been removed, psych is used instead How can i resolve them?

Passenger Spinning down in Production
shakycode asked
My favorite combination of Rails/HTTP is Nginx + Passenger. They work wonderfully together and it's been super easy to setup across all of my apps. One thing I've noticed in some of my apps that ...

rbenv: bundle: command not found
Peter Boomsma asked
I'm trying to deploy my Rails app on my Digital Oceans VPS but I'm running into a error: Running `cap production deploy` ends up with this error: INFO[7cd03924] Running ~/.rbenv/bin/rbenv ex...

rbenv: 2.1.2 is not installed or not found
Peter Boomsma asked
I'm trying to deploy my local Rails app to my Digital Ocean VPS using the GoRails guide > But I'm running into a error when I want to deploy: ca...

where to look for errors besides nginx error logs
Anthony Candaele asked Solved
Hi, My currently deployed Rails app seems to have issues with uploading images to Amazon S3 storage through CarrierWave. I get the familiar "We're sorry, but something went wrong." message. ...

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