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Pundit scopes
Chris thanks!
Dmitry Amelchenko replied Solved

Single Devise User Model or Multiple Devise Models?
Quick question Chris what happen if you have different user and different role like this. This is the users like me the owner of the services. "App Owner" User Model Roles: Super Admin ...
Francisco Quinones replied Solved

GoRails Markdown and Preview
In Turbolinks 5, the equivalent method of `jQuery ->` is ``` document.addEventListener("turbolinks:load", function() { ... } ``` However, from the docs: >When possible, avoid using ...
Chris Zempel replied Solved

Rspec Test on Multi tanent app with aparment gem
The error says you've already created the `companydemo` tenant. I think the thing you're going to run into here is making sure you architect your tests properly to create and operate on a tenant an...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

How to know if the user is logged in, in a mobile app.
Thanks Chris, exactly what I needed to know.
Isaac Ben Hutta replied Solved

medium/gorails like loading progress at the top of the page
Thanks a lot Chris!
Sean M replied Solved

URL Based multi tenancy
Hey! Are you looking to do multi-tenancy based upon domain? If so the apartment gem is what you'll want. It can separate the database out by domain and provides some helpers for that. https://githu...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Re: In-App Navbar Notifications work on page load but not page change
jQuery.turbolinks gem was deprecated. Any new solution?
Ariel Wulkan replied Solved

Create shopify type of Application
I would recommend checking out Liquid templates (which was made by Shopify!) for customizing the templates. They've also got a bunch of other very helpful gems that they...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Following "Scheduling post" episode with background jobs
@Christophe Estanol Have you manage to solve this issue with the turbolinks caching has mentioned? I have intalled the jquery-turbolinks gem and restart the server as per the comments of another...
Lykos replied Solved

subscribe if old one month user
Thanks for the heads up! I'll take a look and see what's up!
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Reoccurring events with simple_calendar and ice_cube
I have been chewing on this for a few days. I am thinking about it too much. If I read that link correctly they do it like I was planning. The event belongs to "recurringEventId". I am going to...
Dan Tappin replied Solved

How to I access a position attribute on a join model?
Thanks Chris, this really help!
Thomas Bush replied Solved

Multitenancy with the Apartment gem
I think im goin to try sidekiq. :)
Francisco Quinones replied Solved

Episodes Source Code
Unfortunately for a lot of the earlier episodes I don't have the source code anymore because they were on my old laptop. :( Anything that does have code up there right now is what I've got.
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Add Profile page for users
I had to chime in on this too. I agree on blacklisting the word forum. It's an easy fix and something I just learned about after implementing `friendly_id`. You'll want to open `config/initial...
shakycode replied Solved

Problem with upgrading to Rails 4.2.2
Haha! I was reading the title and was like hmm, I don't think I've upgraded to Rails 4.2.2 yet either. ;)
Chris Oliver replied Solved

I'm lost and can't find the way out
You could do ```ruby def set_uuid return if persisted? # Don't run if this record has already been saved begin self.minecraft_uuid = MojangApi.get_profile_from_name(minecraft_u...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Pundit for RESTFUL actions on Model fields
Yeah, that's one of the nifty things that you can do with strong_params. It used to be that the allowed params were global, but in some cases you want to have different accepted attributes like this.
Chris Oliver replied Solved

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