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Finding Users in Group Chat Go Rails Class

Omar Khedr asked in Rails

Hi guys,

I went through Chris's Go Rails course on Group Chat with Action Cable and learned loads from it. One of the things that I need some help with though is being able to find all the chatrooms associated with a current user and displaying it in my html page. I tried the following but this only gave me my currently displayed direct_message page.

My Attempt - show.html.erb

<% @chatroomall.each do |chatroom| %>
<%= %>
<% end %>


class DirectMessagesController < ApplicationController
    before_action :authenticate_user!

    def show
        users = [current_user, User.find(params[:id])]
        @messageduser = User.find(params[:id])
        @chatroom = Chatroom.direct_message_for_users(users)        
        @chatroomall = Chatroom.all
        @messages = @chatroom.messages.order(created_at: :desc).limit(100).reverse
        @messagelast = @chatroom.messages.last(1)
        render "chatrooms/show"


class Chatroom < ApplicationRecord
    has_many :chatroomusers
    has_many :users, through: :chatroomusers
    has_many :messages

    scope :public_channels, ->{where(direct_message: false) }
    scope :direct_messages, ->{ where(direct_message: true) }

    def self.direct_message_for_users(users)
        user_ids =
        name = "#{user_ids.join(" and ")}"

        if chatroom = direct_messages.where(name: name).first

            chatroom = new(name: name, direct_message: true)
            chatroom.users = users


Was able to figure it leveraging the great SO commnity. In case anyone else is stuck on a similar issue, here's a link to the solution that worked


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