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[HATCH] - Deleting separate applications on the same server?

Lauro asked in Databases

I've been deploying several toy apps on the same server, but after I'm finished with them I would love to easily be available to delete them using Hatch's interface, instead of having to SSH into the server to delete the apps.

Is this a possible feature in the future?

Would love to have this feature on Hatch. :)


Yes definitely a feature that's coming soon. I wanted to make sure I safely did these and didn't cause any major issues when I implemented this. Some people will want the db removed, others might not, and so on. I think I will likely remove the app and the Nginx config, but retain the database on your server so you don't lose any important data.


That's really awesome!

I'm really loving Hatch. Well done Chris!


Just wanted to give you a heads up, I've got app deletion almost ready and that will becoming out this week hopefully alongside the custom VPS option that will allow you to make deployments on any VPS, not just DigitalOcean. 👍


Archiving servers, deleting apps, and deploying to a custom VPS are now live! Things may still be a little buggy, but it's ready to try.


Awesomeee! :D Let me try it out, I will let you know if I find a bug.


Congrats Chris on getting this live. That looks like a great feature.

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