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how do i display search results

Rails • Asked by Neil Patel

Following on from my prev question regarding implementing search using the geocoder gem []

I have implemented a search feature on the index page. When i enter the postcode
it does not return any results . It gives me a url of http://localhost:3000/locations?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search=m20+2wz but nothing in the index view page.


class LocationsController < ApplicationController
def index
if params[:search].present?
@locations = Location.near(params[:search], 10)
@locations = Location.all.order("created_at DESC")

** index.html.erb**

<div class="container">

SubContractor Postcode search

Use this postcode search to quickly find subcontractors in your area

<%= form_tag locations_path, :method => :get do %>
<%= text_field_tag :search, params[:search], placeholder: "e.g M20 2WZ" %>

    <%= submit_tag "Search Near", :name => nil %>
<% end %>


class Location < ApplicationRecord
geocoded_by :full_address
after_validation :geocode

def full_address
[address, city, postcode].compact.join(',')

added to index.html.erb now showing results

<% @locations.each do |location| %>

<%= location.company_name %>
<%= location.address %>
<%= %>
<%= location.postcode %>

<% end %>

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