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How to setup SSL with a rails app
Got it working Chris. Just redo same step and got it working. thank you.
Francisco Quinones replied Solved

Lazy Load - Guide
Thank you Sir! :)
Menj Villalobos replied Solved

How do I build a beta invite system?
found it here...
Joe Guerra replied Solved

How do I allow a user to make multiple payments on one booking using Stripe?
I'm a few days behind catching up on the forum. Great to see you got it working! Having the quantity being passed over sure helps. :) Took a while to debug, but I bet it feels good to have figured ...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

How do i save a field in a separate table?
Hey Alan, That's a pretty good way of doing it. The logic is that if a user isn't connected to a brand, then don't allow them to edit. The `current_user.brands.find` actually uses the join table...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

How do i fix my jquery-ui autocomplete problem (details below)?
Hey Kosta, I'm not sure entirely what's wrong, but here's what I would do: 1. Take this and run it in your rails console: `[:term], fields: [{title: :text_start}], limit: 10...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Has any installed macOS Sierra yet?
Yeah, I installed it this past weekend and have been using it at work the last few days. No issues here. (definitely needed Xcode 8 GM though)
Jordan Godwin replied Solved

Backing up Heroku PG and than pushing my brand new rails 5 app.
Thanks a whole bunch for clearing it up, Chris!
Masud Hossain replied Solved

FAO: Chris... URL Errors on pretty much any Rails site
My point is that while the W3 Spec states that mixed case is how it should be, but this is the first time I have experienced an issue with mixed case URL's. - I can understand the need for them, bu...
Alan Reid replied Solved

Controller naming...
Cheers Andrew, `Orders` makes much more sense :D thanks
Alan Reid replied Solved

How do I use carrierwave and a custom process to upload an unzipped folder to s3
Got sidetracked with other projects, and finally got back to this with help. Thank you Chris -- processing locally and uploading with s3_uploader solved, no need for Carrierwave in the end.
Thomas Bush replied Solved

How do i save a field in a separate table when using devise?
Chris has done some awesome casts. Some of the best I have seen, well worth the subs we pay. Plus the community is pretty cool too. I've specialised in front most of my time, with .net backend. ...
Alan Reid replied Solved

How do I make certain partials show everywhere (ie navbar)?
```before_action``` is definitely the way to go! Just treat it like any other method... I use this for a contact form on every page... ```ruby #controllers/application_controller.rb before_ac...
Jacob Montgomery replied Solved

Video Series on Security for rails?
Really awesome idea for a series. I definitely want to do this as there are just so many things to cover and even if I just introduced the various things, it would be helpful. I'm going to make sur...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Need someone to look over this to make sure i am on the right track...
Cool thanks Chris, you've really helped - more than you know lol. I am sure i will get more questions haha :D
Alan Reid replied Solved

Whats the best way to deal with JS in Rails?
Found this... Should have looked first lol
Alan Reid replied Solved

How do I find the best place to store user videos and how to capture them?
Thanks mate. That is really helpful. Keep up the good work.
Giorgos Psathas replied Solved

Multi select form & DB search
Hey Sacha, For those, you actually want to querying using `IN` so that SQL can look for matches in an array of IDs. For example: ```ruby brand_ids = [1,2,3] # These IDs may come from your fo...
Chris Oliver replied Solved

How do i create another table when a user signs up?
Cheers Chris, Let me check this out and get it working :D
Alan Reid replied Solved

Putting SignIn and SignUp in single page using devise rails
Hi Earl,
Alvi Mahadi replied Solved

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