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Condition if devise action view

Jacob Hedengren asked in Gems / Libraries
Hi everyone,

I am struggeling with finding out how to add a condition to hide my navbar partial if user is currently in one of the devise views. For example if user is currently in devise sessions new, I would like to hide my navbar partial. How would I accomplish this?

/ Jacob

I think it is:

<% if devise_controller? %>

Hey Jacob (hah),

The current controller and action are in the params. So in your view, you can do something like:

<% unless params[:controller] == "devise/sessions" && params[:action] == "new" %>
  <!-- show the menu -->
<% end %>

Chris just beat me to the post - so I'll just add that Chris' answer is much better if you just want it applied to all devise controllers - much more concise if you don't need to differentiate between actions.
Thank you so much Chris and Jacob! Problem solved! 
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