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Rails bootsnap-compile-cache and other files all of a sudden appears

Jacob Hedengren asked in Rails
Hi everyone,

I am a bit confused; whether I am using Rails 5.1.4 or upgrading to 5.2.0.rc1 (Ruby version is 2.5.0) a lot of new files have all of a sudden appeared in my apps and I am unsure of the impact they have on my application.

First of all there are hundreds of strange files created in subfolders under temp/cache/bootsnap-compile-cache. They all appear to just contain strange characters and I don't really understand the purpose of the files being created or why they all of a sudden appears after 1 year creating many apps.

log/development.log, tmp/cache/, tmp/restart.txt are all new files/folders appearing all of a sudden. Can someone please explain what the reason for this might be?

Thanks a lot in advance!

/ Jacob
Hey Jacob,

Those files are from the new bootsnap gem. They're caching your application's require paths and things in a binary format so your app boots WAY faster. You don't need them stored in your git repo. 
Thanks a lot for making this more clear to me Chris! I appreciate that!
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