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How do I put a live time(seconds) counter on a page?

Javascript • Asked by Arjun Rajkumar
As in it should go 00:00 .. 00:05.. 00.49 ..15:55 to whatever. 
Wondering how to do this on the front-end.

Should I just use jquery? Or something else? 
Any suggestions?



Hi Arjun,

You could use normal JS with the setInterval method. Something like this: 

function timer(seconds){
    const then = + seconds * 1000;
    countdown = setInterval(() => {
        const secondsLeft = Math.round((then - / 1000);
        if(secondsLeft < 0) {
    }, 1000)

function displayTimeLeft(){
 //update dom

I did something like this as part of a Javascript 30 course by Wes Bos. Recommend checking it out


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