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Consuming an API Using HTTParty and Creating a Gem
#23 ·

Learn how to use HTTParty to consume an API and package your library into a gem

Authorization with Pundit
#22 · Pro

A guide to authorization with Pundit including a walkthrough of how to lock down your application, actions, and use default policies

Rails 4.2 Introduction
#21 ·

A quick look at the new features of Rails 4.2 in the first beta that was recently released

Authorization With CanCanCan
#20 · Pro

A look into the popular CanCanCan library to add authorization to your Rails app

A Look Into Routing
#19 ·

Dive into routing more deeply than just basic resources and writing routes from scratch

jQuery UJS Callbacks
#18 · Pro

An advanced look into jQuery UJS and how to use callbacks to improve your UJS workflow and debugging

jQuery UJS and AJAX
#17 ·

A quick introduction to jQuery UJS and how we can use it to make an AJAX request to render a javascript template from the Rails server

Button Loading Animations with jQuery UJS
#16 ·

Learn how to easily disable the submit button and display a loading animation when a user submits the form

Understanding Semantic Versioning
#15 ·

Understand how and why the version numbers work for the gems you commonly use

Sending emails with Mandrill
#14 ·

Advanced techniques on sending emails over SMTP with local views and Mandrill's API with remote templates

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