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Multitenancy with the Apartment gem
#47 ·

Learn how to separate your application data into different accounts or companies

Refactoring CSV Uploads with ActiveModel::Model
#46 · Pro

Learn how to refactor our CSV upload form with ActiveModel::Model to create a tableless form object

Exporting Records To CSV
#45 ·

Learn how to export records to CSV files

CSV Upload Form to Import Records
#44 · Pro

Learn how to upload CSV files and import records from your Rails application

Introduction to Importing from CSV
#43 ·

We take a look at the basics of using Ruby's CSV library to import data into your Rails application with a Rake task

ActiveSupport Concerns: Making a Soft Deletable module
#42 · Pro

An introduction to Ruby on Rails ActiveSupport concerns where we build a Soft Deletable module like the Paranoia gem

Soft Delete with Paranoia
#41 ·

Learn how to soft delete records instead of deleting them permanently from your database

Fragment Caching And oEmbed
#40 · Pro

Learn how oEmbed works to dynamically grab embed codes from a URL and how we can use fragment caching to make this more efficient

Refactoring Controller Methods
#39 ·

Learn how to refactor a complex controller with a bunch of methods into a much cleaner set of code

Upload Progress with Refile Javascript
#38 · Pro

Add background uploads and progress easily with Refile's JS library

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