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Liking Posts
#24 · Pro

Add liking or favoriting to your app like Facebook or Twitter

Our First API
#162 ·

We build a basic API and talk about the differences between a regular Rails controller and an API

Subscriptions with Stripe
#90 · Pro

Learn how to capture credit cards and add paid subscriptions to your Rails app

Using Webpack in Rails with the Webpacker Gem
#181 ·

Let's take a look at using the Webpacker gem in Rails to implement an additional pipeline for building modern frontend Javascript alongside our Rails application using VueJS.

Advanced Search, Autocomplete and Suggestions with ElasticSearch and the Searckick gem
#89 · Pro

Learn how to add advanced search, autocomplete, suggestions and more using Searchkick and ElasticSearch

In-App Navbar Notifications
#96 ·

Learn how to add in-app notifications like Facebook and Twitter

Comments With Polymorphic Associations
#36 ·

Learn how to set up polymorphic associations, add comments to your app, and think about the structure of your Rails application

Admin Interfaces with Administrate
#94 ·

The new admin gem from Thoughtbot shows some promise for easy to customize admin interfaces in your Rails app

Activity Feed From Scratch
#70 · Pro

Learn how to build an activity feed from scratch and how to manage lots of flexible partials

Environment Variables
#1 ·

A look at how you can store API keys and other variables in the environment on different computers.

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