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All Frontend Episodes

Styling with Bootstrap Sass
#7 ·

Learn how CSS and Javascript frameworks should be added to Rails applications

Pagination with will_paginate
#10 ·

A look into how pagination works from scratch and how to use will_paginate

Button Loading Animations with jQuery UJS
#16 ·

Learn how to easily disable the submit button and display a loading animation when a user submits the form

jQuery UJS and AJAX
#17 ·

A quick introduction to jQuery UJS and how we can use it to make an AJAX request to render a javascript template from the Rails server

jQuery UJS Callbacks
#18 · Pro

An advanced look into jQuery UJS and how to use callbacks to improve your UJS workflow and debugging

Forum Series Part 4: div_for
#28 · Pro

The div_for method gives you easy access to creating id's and classes for your ActiveRecord objects in the views. It also makes for easy access to elements with CSS and Javascript.

Forum Series Part 7: Time Zones using the local_time Gem
#31 ·

A look into times, timezones, and how to handle it better with javascript

Fragment Caching And oEmbed
#40 · Pro

Learn how oEmbed works to dynamically grab embed codes from a URL and how we can use fragment caching to make this more efficient

Refactoring Your jQuery Code with Objects in Coffeescript
#56 · Pro

A great way to clean up your jQuery spaghetti code is to by using objects in Coffeescript / Javascript

Including Javascript and CSS Libraries With Rails
#57 ·

Learn how to include 3rd party Javascript and CSS libraries with the Rails Asset Pipeline

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