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Using scopes to rank users based on votes they get from their posts
Ok got it Chris. Time to look into writing cron jobs then! Thanks.
Ariff Munshi replied

How to use Sweet Alert to replace standard confirm dialog
Hey came across this thread as I was facing the same problem. I tried to stay away from them gems initially and downloaded Sweet Alerts 2 from source. All worked well until I had to the confirmatio...
Ariff Munshi replied

rubber:passenger:add_to_pool takes forever
Weird! In any case, nginx and unicorn are awesome so you'll be in good hands with that setup as well. I've had some weirdness with Passenger 5 myself and have reverted back to using Puma for now.
Chris Oliver replied

Multi Site in Rails
Probably not if you don't have a database. The gem is designed for that, but you could write a `before_action` that looks up the correct site as soon as the request starts. That would do basically ...
Chris Oliver replied

Versioning question.
Yeah, it's definitely designed for that purpose. You may need to figure out if you can make sure that the new edits don't go live immediately and can get marked as "to be reviewed". I'd give a shot...
Chris Oliver replied

SQL injection attempts, any advice?
Thanks Chris! No more evidences in Rollbar of the issue again. A security checklist episode could be great!
Javier Sanz replied

Dealing with Recursive Models
Recurring events get complicated quickly! :) You may need to do a find_or_create for all the recursivedates when you do an edit. It also might be easier to delete all the existing ones before ad...
Chris Oliver replied

Code Challenge idea
By all means, take a stab at something. I'm going to hack on [simple_calendar]( I believe because I've got some requests for new features on it. Are you...
Chris Oliver replied

Restrict Rails Model To Create after Certain Condition
You could use something like Pundit to count the number of subscriptions and cause something else to happen or prevent it from working at that point. Check out this episode
Chris Oliver replied

filter child record by the parent.
Awesome! I'm glad I could be of help! :)
Chris Oliver replied

Multiple objects in form and controller, hitting a wall.
So I'm working on a old version of a legacy app Chris and I paired on, trying to refactor some functionality and am hitting a wall. I currently have some basic paging functionality which creates...
shakycode posted

Episodes Source Code
Unfortunately for a lot of the earlier episodes I don't have the source code anymore because they were on my old laptop. :( Anything that does have code up there right now is what I've got.
Chris Oliver replied Solved

Refile S3, presigned, multiple files + Cloudfront - generating images via javascript
This is my attachment field currently. I'm going to attempt to try a couple of things out, i.e removing presigned and attempt to see if I can figure out where the issue is, by looking at the di...
Dean Fields replied

Ransack Scoping issues
I got a no method error for pins_path in schools#show. So I changed the global search variable that's set in my application controller From def set_global_search_variable @q =
alexander kehaya replied

Coffeescript Polling Issues
Wow, Chris is really becoming a rockstar! Good job!
shakycode replied

New Users Only Created by Admin User
I had no idea about `devise_invitable`. This is awesome. In the past I removed `:registerable` and created a match route to 404 signup requests like so: ```` match 'users/sign_up' => redir...
shakycode replied

Where to put my Big Ole' Array
For sure! And Sandi Metz is a really good person to have looking over your shoulder. She's the queen of abstraction (among others). I can tell you from my experience that I don't always abstra...
shakycode replied

HTTParty and API
Brilliant Chris! It helps to have a direct example to understand the documentation.
Edward Bishop replied

Single Table Inheritance: Good spot or not?
I personally try to stay away from STI whenever possible. I haven't really had a use case for it besides being able to manage things easier from the db point. Like Chris said, it's whatever you f...
shakycode replied

How to build a web scraper using Ruby...
Love that idea. I've used Mechanize in the past for something like this. It's pretty fun to do and would make for a great episode.
Chris Oliver replied

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