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Anyone with experience using Quilljs?

Javascript • Asked by Stéphane Paquet


I'm lloking forward using in a project and wonder if anyone can share his/her experience with such text editor.

Related gems are looking pretty outdated (I'm using Rails 5) and connecting Quilljs to a form (I'm using Simple Form) looks akward.


I have used Quill, it wasn't too bad to implement if i am honest. I didnt use any Gem, i simply included the require JS script and the div. It really was that simple.

I'm using Quill for few month now. It seem like a pretty decent UI component. More lightweight and flexible than CKEditor that I was using before.

You don't need a gem to integrate it with Rails. It is possible to use Rails Assets: Or just use Yarn after upgrading to Rails 5.1. It is more straightforward way to install Quill.

Thank you @alan and @alex.

Hi how did you set up quill to save to rails/post on form submit?

Azeem: Just pick text editor contents using Quill API, and add it to the form payload, using onSubmit event handler. Check out this artice for example:

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