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Jekyll as a support page?

Dan Tappin asked in Gems / Libraries

Can you use Jekyll ( as a embedded help page?

From the showcase section this is pretty much what I am looking for: (says built with Jekyll)

I just want to dump all these states files in /support on my main Rails app. I then can manually maintain the help files etc. I want to build a full service one with Helpy but I have given up for now trying to sync the authentication between the two apps. This is way easier to maintain also.


If you compiled them so they output to public/support that would probably do the trick.


Took a run at this - the docs are ok but not 100% clear to the newbie. Steps so far:

  • created a /jekyll/support in my site root to hold the templates etc.
  • run jekyll build -d ../../public/support from my site root
  • the 'Front Matter' section should be noted in the Tutorial - if you forget this once you re-build your Liquid code never gets processed

Pretty good so far.

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