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Hey Becky! Thanks a bunch, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yes, fail is a handy one to have in your pocket! Also, if you want to do a similar thing but not cause the big error screen in the browser, you can replace <% fail %> with <% console %> and be able to look at instance variables and such in the console but also see your beautiful app! Both methods are available in your controllers as well :)

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No problem! I hope that clears it up for you, Diego!

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Hey Diego, the **kwargs parameter is added to the method signature so that you can pass a hash of options to the favicon_image_tag method which will then be forwarded along to the image_tag method. This allows you to be able to pass different options (kwargs) wherever you call the favicon_image_tag method to customize attributes of the image_tag method. Hope that helps!

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There is another section in the path for getting started with Rails along with other things. But the path is where we point everyone to for what you are looking for. Here is the link to where the Rails specific lessons start: https://gorails.com/path#level-two

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Which link are you looking for?

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Hey Alex! I'll try to get that modules video out this week. From here, I would say if you don't feel comfortable with SQL I would say to go the that series in the learning path next. If you are comfortable in SQL, then you should be able to move into the Rails series in the learning path and start working through the projects.

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Thanks, Terry! Glad you liked this one.

Thanks for sharing that annotate config! I've actually never looked into if there was an alternative to placing the comments at the top so this is great to know now.

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It's a lot of work going back and forth but oh the things we do for love ;)

Thanks for reading, Urban!

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Hey Alessandro,
You can absolutely do just a single if without an else clause in it. You have two forms that you can write such conditionals. The first is the traditional style, for example:

if true
  puts "Hello, world!"

The second being the modifier form, which allows you to write such conditionals on a single line like so:

puts "Hello, world!" if true

Hope that helps!

This a good one that I run every so often to check for any old databases laying around that I can get rid of, so good call on mentioning it!

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It's a good one for sure! ;)

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Ok, you should be able to access the videos now. Sorry about that!

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Whoops! Looking into this now, should be fixed soon, sorry about that.

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Hey Marissa,

Yep exactly right! The hash itself would look something like this:

  "service one" => {
    "username" => "Collin",
    "password" => "supersecret"
  "service two" => {
    "username" => "other_collin",
    "password" => "supersupersecret"

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The scopes work at the class level, so those will get you a collection of BlogPost records that are all either drafts, published, or scheduled.

The helpers are instance methods, designed to be used with a single blog post instance/record.

The helpers/instance methods are nice because it will not always be the case that you want a collection of draft posts, for example, you may be on the show page for a particular blog post and you could then use the helpers/instance methods to check the published_at status of that particular blog post instance.
Hope that helps!

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Definitely! Idk if I mentioned it in the video or not but you can go up the list with shift tab. 😎

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Thanks a bunch, Muhammad! I'm hoping to get the module video out in the very near future.

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Hey Yago, while this is true, HashWithIndifferentAccess is only available via ActiveSupport. This section of the learning path is focused purely on Ruby.

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Well, looked into it further. Def a bug. Rails doesn't like when you try to send that stuff through with the keys for the tasks as dom_id's which is a bummer. I got a fix you can see here https://github.com/gorails-screencasts/dynamic-nested-forms-with-turbo-get/commit/adfe726005c89f1c71b81f1ddf63c797bddad80a
I'm gonna look into this more when a have some free time to see what else can be done here bc I feel like there's a better option. Sorry about that but thanks for bringing it up, Willard!