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Sure thing, I'll work on writing something up soon and/or add a video about this. One thing to think about in the meantime is this: A method (typically) is "bound" to a specific object, causing self to refer to that object when the method is invoked. On the other hand, a Proc lacks this behavior, as self relies on the context in which the Proc was created or called.

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Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you are enjoying them all!

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Only two available at the moment but more to come soon!

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Yes it is necessary because the relative url that the path helper method generates has an :id placeholder in it, i.e. /blog_posts/:id/edit that needs to be filled in with the actual id of the record which you intend to edit.

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Thanks for watching, Carlos!

Hey Gerald, sorry about that video overlap issue. A few other folks made us aware of it and if we still have access to the raw video files we are going to try to fix that and publish the updated version. Our apologies again.

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Yes! I love that one! :)

My above reply was before I saw your update posted. Glad you got it working though! I’m also still curious as to what the issue was and if it’ll be an ongoing one for you.

Gotcha. I’m happy to hop on a video call and work through it with you if you have the time today. If so, find me in the GoRails Discord, send me a DM and we can set something up.

Usually this means you do not have the html.erb file needed. So perhaps either you don’t have it or it is in the wrong location in the file structure. It should be located here:

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Basic is the idea here 😅 but you're probably also correct in your knowledge self-assessment, Daniel. That's great if that is the case!

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Eric! Good to see you hear bud! Yeah, I purposefully didn’t cover the install step here in the hopes that we can unify on a solution for installation that we can easily keep up to date internally. The link you shared is solid for now so thank you for linking to it!

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Hey Michael, I'm in the middle of moving at the moment and my new place won't be ready for a little while so I am not able to properly record any videos at the moment. But once I get set back up I can work on the follow up for delete. Unfortunately I don't have any solid estimate of when I will be able to get fully into the new place.

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Great stuff!

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Hey Aaron, in the video I just used Time.now.to_i initially to show that the fields need a unique value. Yes, re-rendering the fields when validation fails using the Time.now.to_i will cause the fields to all have the same value. It is a problem, but one with a simple fix which is to call task.object_id instead of Time.now.to_i in the app/views/projects/_task.html.erb partial.

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Hey Terry - Thanks for the kind words here! And yes, that is a great idea, thank you for sharing that one!

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Thanks a bunch, Mateus!

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I agree, I'll have to make a short follow up video for that one. Thanks!

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First of all, welcome to the Ruby community! I'm super glad to hear that the explanations are helpful for your understanding! Thank you!

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Hey Carl - That's a great idea! Thank you

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