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Posted in Dynamic Nested Forms With Turbo Part 2 Discussion

Hmmm, I not sure but let me look into that for you and report back!

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Awesome! Glad to hear that Giedrius!

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Another wonderful comment, Ann! :) Thanks for the kind words, glad you appreciate the vibes and video as well!

Posted in Better Debugging With The Ruby Debug Gem Discussion

Hey there, I appreciate the comment. I do address this in the video though in addition to being able to use debugger instead of / in addition to binding.break.

Posted in Responsive Navigation with Turbo Discussion

Hey Nick, that was a scheduling mistake on our end. That video won't be out until August. Sorry for the confusion!

Posted in Dynamic Nested Forms With Turbo Part 2 Discussion

Hey Terry! Thanks so much for the kind words and I’m super glad to hear that you enjoyed it and got some new tricks out of it!

Actually, I take it all back. What we have in the video is what we wanted. Adding started? caused the code to not function properly. The running? method that is not shown in the video is where the check for your suggestion lives. So we have since added the running? method back and reverted active? to just be end_time.future?

Yep! There was actually another method below the ones shown in the video that did just that so we didn't do that here (for the active? method). But we have since removed the other method in the codebase and adjusted active? to cover this. Thanks for the comment and sorry for any confusion!


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We can get that linked up in the notes soon. Will report back once complete!

Posted in Understand Scope Returns Discussion

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it and learned something new!!

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Glad you found the video contents useful, thank you for watching!

Posted in Dynamic Nested Forms with Turbo Discussion

Hey Fernando! That's awesome to hear! I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for leaving your comment. Thanks for watching!

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Sure thing, I'll work on writing something up soon and/or add a video about this. One thing to think about in the meantime is this: A method (typically) is "bound" to a specific object, causing self to refer to that object when the method is invoked. On the other hand, a Proc lacks this behavior, as self relies on the context in which the Proc was created or called.

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Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you are enjoying them all!

Posted in Are there more than 2 levels on "Path" section?

Only two available at the moment but more to come soon!

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Yes it is necessary because the relative url that the path helper method generates has an :id placeholder in it, i.e. /blog_posts/:id/edit that needs to be filled in with the actual id of the record which you intend to edit.

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Thanks for watching, Carlos!

Hey Gerald, sorry about that video overlap issue. A few other folks made us aware of it and if we still have access to the raw video files we are going to try to fix that and publish the updated version. Our apologies again.

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Yes! I love that one! :)