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Strings in Ruby Discussion

Discussion for Strings in Ruby

Thanks for this lesson


Thanks for watching, Carlos!


Awesome! Thanks Collin! Looking forward to reviewing 'String' instance methods!

I appreciate your focus on good terminology! : )

Summary of Topics:

  • Single and double quotes
  • Escaping characters
  • Interpolation
  • String class vs String literals
  • Concatenation
  • String instance methods with arguments
  • String predicate methods => returns a boolean response
  • Method chaining
  • String indexing (zero-based indexing)

It's so cool that Adam Driver is teaching Ruby now


It's a lot of work going back and forth but oh the things we do for love ;)


Can you share the link to the video? Thanks in advance.


Which link are you looking for?


Well the video is on YouTube, there is a button "watch on youtube"


puts "great work".upcase


In this lesson you tell about brackets usage for better understanding that methods take arguments.
puts "text".count "a" - looks like syntax sugar, and it seems like this can lead to misunderstanding in the future.
Does it make sense to do it like in the following example instead?
puts( "text".count( "a" ) )

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