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Thanks, Matt! I'm glad that you enjoyed this video.

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Hey Terry!

Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm glad that you enjoyed the video. I think part 2 will be out next week so hopefully, you enjoy that one as well if you watch it. I definitely agree with you on the core concepts aspect. That was a big motivator for this video.

Hope all is well!

Thanks all for contributing to the conversation! I've added a link to a blog post in the episode notes about this topic and included some things around validating uniqueness.

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I'll share what I did today to solve for this, which is really close to what Ryan did. The model, among other attributes, has a title and a rich text description like so:

has_rich_text :description

I wanted to be able to search across both attributes. I had the title one worked out already but to get the rich text description into the mix I then added the following line:

has_one :description, class_name: 'ActionText::RichText', as: :record

Which then allowed me to do this in the form:

f.text_field :title_or_description_body_cont

Hope this adds to the help that was already here and thanks to the other folks who contributed to this thread!!

Now wait a second why didn't you have to use the gem build and gem install commands before including the gem in the gemfile??

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So the confusion that I have around all this is where is the link between before_action :set_project and def set_project? Like how does it know that the symbol :set_project is referring to the method set_project defined elsewhere?