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Thanks Collin! That was awesome! Yes please! on continuing the project! 🥳


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Awesome Chris! Great breakdown of the MVC pattern! : )

I'm loving this screencast! : )

One fun tip; You can have multiple statements in the Query editor and hi-light the statement that you want to run and it will only run that statement.

For example, you could have both statements in the 'SQL Query' window and just hi-light (select) the query you want to run. The SQL engine will ignore the un-selected query.

: )

CREATE TABLE products (
product_name VARCHAR(40),
product_code INTEGER

DROP TABLE products;

Initially, I got a connection error, to the effect, 'database 'my_user_name' does not exist.

After running createdb and then psql, everything works and I was able to connect using 'TablePlus' : )

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Thank you Collin! This was a fun review video! : )

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One of my favs in the series so far! : )

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One suggestion for viewers, once you have all the methods defined, pause the video and try to build the rest of the program first before un-pausing the video : )

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Nice job Collin! I like the use of 'hash' manipulations within the conditional examples! : )

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Thanks Collin! I like the #dig method! : )

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I forget about it all the time. Nice to get the reminder! : )

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Hey Chris, Did you choose to use only the 'update' action to avoid issues with the 'destroy' action?

I used this video as inspiration and originally set it up the same way, more or less and later refactored to using 'create' and 'destroy' actions using the join_table controller. I also watched your 'turbo_frame' refactor video.

I am able to get the 'create' action to work with either turbo_streams or a turbo_frame and rendering the partial where the 'button_to' elements are but I have, so far, been unsuccessful at getting the turbo_stream to work with the 'destroy' action. If I use a turbo_frame, I can use a work-around on the 'destroy' action by using redirect_to the 'partial' instead of 'render'. It works but it is not as fast as the 'create' action with render.

The error I am getting when trying to click on the 'delete' button, is 'undefined method `to_key' for nil:NilClass.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! : )

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Nice job Collin! I like that you talked about integer division, introduced the concept of what we think of as traditional 'operators' actually being methods 2.+(4), the gentle introduction to 'blocks' and how you connected the 'times' integer method with the practical Rails example of creating seed data! 🚀 I also like the rounding methods with floats!

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Awesome! Thanks Collin! Looking forward to reviewing 'String' instance methods!

I appreciate your focus on good terminology! : )

Summary of Topics:

  • Single and double quotes
  • Escaping characters
  • Interpolation
  • String class vs String literals
  • Concatenation
  • String instance methods with arguments
  • String predicate methods => returns a boolean response
  • Method chaining
  • String indexing (zero-based indexing)

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Nice! Extra pro tip! 😎

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Awesome! Cool to watch again! Thank you Collin!

Good Reminder: "Hitting 'tab' a few times to move through the list of available methods that show up after typing the '.' is sweet! : )

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Hey Collin! Just seeing this 4 months late! lol! Super excited to be going through the GoRails Boot camp. I had only done the first two videos in this series way back when so I will start again and keep pace with the group! : )

Excellent! : )