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Realtime Notifications with ActionCable Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Thanks, Chris! This is an awesome episode, you're the man!

You're welcome! 🤓

hey chris, I ve got this in my logs

/usr/local/opt/rbenv/versions/2.3.1/lib/ruby/gems/2.3.0/gems/redis-3.3.1/lib/redis/client.rb:345:in `rescue in establish_connection': Error connecting to Redis on localhost:6379 (Errno::ECONNREFUSED) (Redis::CannotConnectError)

You need to have Redis installed and running. If you're on a Mac, "brew install redis" assuming you have Homebrew.

I watched this last night and got tripped up because my localhost isn't the default. After some fumbling I added this to my development.rb file. config.action_cable.allowed_request_origins = ['http://localhost:1701']

I downloaded the repository, then I was testing what happened if the user changes the page, the server stills send pings to the client. Is that fine? Is the something to be worried about?

Chris, any chance you could follow this episode up at some point and build the full drop down functionality like you did in the previous notification episodes???


Should the warden check against current_user be == ?

if current_user = env['warden'].user

I have the same question. It doesn't validate if I use "==", which I don't understand

nevermind. I see how it works. If env['warden'].user is nil, then the whole statement is nil which points you to the else. if env['warden'].user is not nil, then the if statement is true and current_user gets assigned to warden user.

I have the same problem below. I ve got this log

/Users/a960401/.rbenv/versions/2.3.3/lib/ruby/gems/2.3.0/gems/redis-3.3.3/lib/redis/client.rb:345:in `rescue in establish_connection': Error connecting to Redis on localhost:6379 (Errno::ECONNREFUSED) (Redis::CannotConnectError)

and I did brew install redis, but It doesn't work same. What I have to do??

I liked this lesson but I had to change the model from Notifications to Messages b/c rails was telling me that Notifications is a reserved term. Anyone else have that issue? Maybe I messed something up but if I didn't it would be nice to have this rerecorded with a model like Messages so that it is easier to follow and the viewer can cut and paste things from the notes below without having to switch out terms. I also was not able to get the messages from the job to appear on the user pages. Not sure why. I got no errors but still Application.render never rendered anything on the page.

I just went through it and I was able to create Notification model just fine

There is crazy amount of information in this episode, great job.

+1 point for link to AJAX version episode ! ;)

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