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I'm starting to develop some front-end functionality for a Rails-based web app.

The front end will need to implement the following features
1) A horizontal scrolling window, which dynamically loads and unloads images in a very long list (1000s of images)
2) Features to overlay bounding-boxes on these images, and to draw other SVG annotations on the images
3) A feature to 'zoom in' on a single image, for more detailed annotation

The SVG annotations on the images must be synchronized back to the Rails application, so I need a 2-way data binding between the Rails app and the front-end functionality.

My background is that I'm generally comfortable with Rails, and I've watched a handful of tutorials on Vue.js/ember.js/Stimulus.js on GoRails. However, after watching these tutorials, I'm still uncertain about which of these frameworks would be the best choice for my application.

I understand that this is somewhat subjective, but (for people who are familiar with most of these frameworks already) what would you choose for a new application like mine?

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This was my understanding too. A symbol (the way I was thinking of it) is more like a variable name, whereas a string is a rendering or a value.

Wow, that one got me too