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Posted in 2Checkout in Rails

I was just not looking for the same thing, 2checkout integration. Any plans on making a screencast on this?

Posted in Realtime Notifications with ActionCable Discussion

I just went through it and I was able to create Notification model just fine

Posted in Realtime Notifications with ActionCable Discussion

There is crazy amount of information in this episode, great job.

Posted in JSON Web Token Authentication From Scratch Discussion

Very nice tutorial @excid3:disqus really made a lot of things clear.

I have two models user and account linked with each other as following

belongs_to :user

has_many :accounts

I want to move the data from column name in users table into column name in accounts table

I think the following should do the job but my question is if there is a better way of doing this inside a migration file considering if there are thousands of records?

Account.find_each do |account|
      if account.user.present?
        account.update_columns(name:, xyz:

Note: Once this migration will run I will remove the column user_id in accounts table removing the relationship between the two modals.

Let me rephrase my question :)

Does this series cover displaying of route between two markers? Suppose I select Marker A and then select Marker B then the route should be displayed between the two, is this feature covered in this series?

Does this series cover displaying the distance between two markers or coordinates?