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Thanks, Chris! This is an awesome episode, you're the man!

This was awesome! Thanks Chris!

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Thanks Chris and Isaac, I appreciate your help!

Chris, the resource you pointed me to fixed my drop down problem. The problem that I'm having now is, when I select a user the img tags and url to the photo shows up in the input box.

I tried just splitting up my string and selecting the first part of the entry in the form, but no luck.

jQuery ->
    source: $('#username').data('users-source')
   ///Here, not sure if I'm even doing this right
    select: (event, ui) ->
        $('#username').on 'autocompleteselect', (event, ui) ->
           $('#username').val ui.item.value.split(' ')[0]
  ).data('uiAutocomplete')._renderItem = (ul, item) ->
    $('<li />').data('item.autocomplete', item).append(item.value).appendTo ul

this is my JSON

["Nickiam7 \u003cimg src=\"\" alt=\"Thumb stay puft\" /\u003e","jsmith \u003cimg src=\"\" /\u003e","the Turd \u003cimg src=\"\" alt=\"Thumb new me\" /\u003e"]

I also tried using jQuery in the actual view to target the form and remove everything after the first part of the value, but I couldn't get that to work either!

Isaac, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out with this before I try your solution. I appreciate your help!

Thanks again to anyone who can help me!

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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to display a users profile image, along with their username in an autocomplete dropdown.

The autocomplete functionality works fine, I'm just having trouble displaying the actual image in the dropdown. I get the image URL instead of the image.

I'm using carrierwave for image uploading and jQuery-UI for autocomplete.


def index
  @users = User.order(:username).where("username like ?", "%#{params[:term]}%")
  render json:{ |user| "#{user.username} - #{user.user_photo}"}

In my index action, for some reason "#{user.user_photo}" provides the link to the image, not the actual image.
I've also tried view_context.image_tag("#{user.user_photo.url}"), but that returns the actual HTML img tags and all.

The form:

<% if policy(@list).add_collaborators? %>
  <h3>Add Collaborator</h3>
  <%= form_for [@list, @collaboration] do |f| %>
    <%= label_tag "Enter collaborator username" %>
    <%= text_field_tag :username, nil, data: {users_source: users_path} %>
    <%= f.submit "Add collaborator" %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

jQuery ->
    source: $('#username').data('users-source')

This is what I get. I want the image, not the URL to the image.

I have this posted on stackoverflow as well, but I'm not getting much traction there so I wanted to post it here too.

Thanks for any help!

Awesome! Would love more episodes about Mailboxer, if you think there's still more worth covering!

Thanks Chris!

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Thanks Isaac!

I'll look into lightbox navigation.

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I agree with Enrique. I've used RedCarpet as well, works great.

Posted in Front-end frameworks and Turbolinks

Hey Everyone,

I'm having a small problem with the JavaScript components of the Uikit framework and I know it has to do with turbolinks. Here's the gem I'm using Uikit2-Rails.

I followed Chris's upgrading to turbolinks5 episode, but I still can't get them to work after the initial page load, I'm also using jquery-turbolinks.

Does anyone know of a work around for turbolinks and front-end frameworks, or should I just ditch turbolinks?

Thanks for any help!

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Oh man! In an effort to avoid any spelling errors I copied and pasted the file name from the repo. The only problem is I copied an extra space at the end of the name so the file names didn't match up and I couldn't see it until I highlighted the file name! DOH!

Thanks for your help Chris! You're the man!

Posted in How to Upgrade to Turbolinks 5 Discussion

Wow, thanks for the quick response!

I do have the compatibility file in my app/assets/javascripts directory and I'm requiring it my application.js file after the turbolinks require.

Do you think something has changed from beta1 one to beta2 that's causing the problem?

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Thanks for the great video Chris!

I keep getting an error though:

"couldn't find file 'compatibility' with type 'application/javascript'"

I think some things have changed since your video, like the compatibility file name, but other than that, I followed your video exactly.

The error is being raised in my application.html.erb. Also, I'm using turbolinks-source 5.0.0.beta2

Any thoughts?



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Great episode Chris!

Can't wait to get into the more advanced stuff.


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You're the man Chris, great video!!!

Yes, I would love to see some videos about React, and I would love it even more if you packaged this into a gem!!!

Thanks again for all your great videos!

Posted in Use a gem I created, that needs to remain private?


I was leaning towards option one as well.

Thanks Chris!

Posted in How would i go with making an inventory for products?

I assume you'll be using Rails, so you might want to check out SpreeCommerce. I haven't used it myself yet, but it looks very promising.

If you YouTube SpreeCommerce, some pretty detailed videos should come up.

Posted in Use a gem I created, that needs to remain private?

Hey Chris,

First, thanks for all the great videos and for taking the time to answer all these questions!

I want to make a gem for a front-end, Bootstrap spin-off, framework. I've watched your creating a gem video, so my question isn't so much about creating the gem but how to use it afterwords.

I've purchased a copy of the framework and have the proper licensing to use it in my application. So, my question is how do I use it? I don't want to release it to ruby gems or github, as it would be made public (if it were up to me I couldn't care less about releasing something I purchased to the public, but I want to honor their licensing agreements), but I'm not sure how else to get it into my app any other way. Can I use it directly from my machine, like you did in your video, in production?

Thanks for your help, Looking forward to hearing your advice!

I would definitely be interested in seeing a screen cast on this as well!

Chris, this is awesome!

I was hoping you'd do a Searchkick/ElasticSearch video since you did the Ransack video!

Thanks for all the great videos!

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Hey Chris,

I believe it's pronounced "Pop", not soda... :D

Thanks for the great videos!

Posted in Forum Series Part 6: Search with Ransack Discussion

Awesome! Thanks, Chris.

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