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Improving Query Performance with Database Indexes Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

This was awesome! Thanks Chris!

You're welcome Nick! :D

It's too Awessome!!!!!!!!! Thanks Chris

Hey Chris, this is exactly the sort of thing I would love to see more of. There are so many resources out there for building a rails app in development but very few resources like this to give us tips on production. Keep them coming! Thanks

Absolutely! Any other specific topics you'd like me to cover?

Do you have any resources on when and how you insert pure SQL statements versus using active record? I was talking with someone about that the other day and it seems like an interesting topic that might fit in well with this video topic.

Oh really good topic! I usually try to avoid it as much as I can, but there's always uses for it because you'll never be able to fully express SQL with an ORM.

I was just reading this post on doing trending posts in Postgres and it was one of those great places where you'd want to drop down to raw SQL to create those functions and things that you could reference later with ActiveRecord:

I'll have to definitely do a screencast on this.

What do you guys think about the lol_dba?
I found it got all the basic relations I needed and then I built on top of. My apps production performance is crazy fast now!

Great episode. I never knew you can add an array for columns into an index!

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