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Advanced Messaging with Mailboxer: Mark As Read Discussion

Freaking Love it Chris your on point all the time! love it love it. Thank you has always.




Awesome! Would love more episodes about Mailboxer, if you think there's still more worth covering!

Thanks Chris!


This motivated me to learn how gems work. Ruby Gems has a tutorial on making a gem. Rails does too in Rails Guides - Plugins. It took some time making my own basic ones and poking around in the Mailboxer and other gems to start to get a feel for it. But now that I'm starting to get it, it's a huge step forward. Gems were always a magical black box for me that worked but I had no idea how. Now I can open them up and understand them. Thanks.


That's fantastic to hear! You might like the latest episode on fixing the Paranoia gem as I dove into the gem itself and ActiveRecord's counter caching to figure out how to fix counter caches when you're doing soft deletes. Neither of those I have seen the internals of before and it was fun to go in and figure out how they worked to go fix them. :)


Finding GoRails is a Godsend. These videos are SO fascinating. Not only do I get step by step guidance adding a new feature, but I learn so much in the process. First I watch the entire videos straight through at 1.25 speed to get the gist and make sure I understand everything. Then I go back again and watch them at normal speed, pausing along the way to implement and test each step. It's really fun! And I get to see a new feature come to life before my eyes. Bravo Chris!


I am starting to do that too!


I love the insight that an out-of-date gem can be an opportunity to learn how to level up your skills. BTW, here's an update about mailboxer: someone has forked and has answered some of the pull requests.

If you want a more updated version of mailboxer, check this out:

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