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How to Upgrade to Turbolinks 5 Discussion

Hi Chris, great episode! You can also skip the extra gem(s) and compatibility files by simply changing code. Doing something like:

Old Turbolinks Classic:
$(document).on "ready page:load", ->
# CoffeeScript code

Turbolinks 5:
$(document).on "turbolinks:load", ->
# CoffeeScript code


Thanks for the great video Chris!

I keep getting an error though:

"couldn't find file 'compatibility' with type 'application/javascript'"

I think some things have changed since your video, like the compatibility file name, but other than that, I followed your video exactly.

The error is being raised in my application.html.erb. Also, I'm using turbolinks-source 5.0.0.beta2

Any thoughts?




The turbolinks/ file doesn't ship with the gem unfortunately (at least not right now). You'll have to copy it into your Rails app from the original repo. I've got a link to it in the resources section above, but here's the link as well: Paste that into your Rails app and just require the file like normal and you should be set.


Hey chris, I'd like to build up product associations in the products edit view using modals. ie generating a specs table.

When i submit a form to the create action it re renders and closes the modal. adding data-turbolinks-permanent doesn't seem to solve the problem as the new specs won't show up

This form would be rather long for one page, is it possible to accomplish what I'm trying to do with turbolinks 5 or should I look to do something like breaking the form out into separate pages?



It sounds like potentially what you want is the "remote: true" AJAX requests so that you can handle things on your own. Turbolinks won't really do anything here because the form is going to submit a POST and Turbolinks can only really handle GET requests. That's the main reason it's not going to be a good solution for your problem. I think using a JS response to the form submit should give you a lot more flexibility to do what you want there.


Thanks! You helped me a lot!


Hey Chris, I've been having trouble with turbo links. I'm not planning to upgrade my turbolinks and I have the jquery.turbolinks gem installed. The problem is that on first load my subscriptions_new submit button won't fire. It fires once I reload the page and everything works fine then. Any suggestions?


too bad the jquery.turbolinks gem doesn't work with Rails 5. any suggestions from implementing Turbolinks 5 with Rails 5 and Jquery?


Have you found a solution to this? I am having this issue currently.

Ron Huppert Ron Huppert

Never mind. Comment removed.


Having issue with Rails 5 and Turbolinks. I have added the jquery-turbolinks gem and still having issues.



//= require jquery

//= require jquery.turbolinks

//= require jquery_ujs

//= require tether

//= require bootstrap-sprockets

//= require bootstrap-datepicker/core

//= require_tree .

//= require turbolinks

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