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Forms With Multiple Submit Buttons Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Pretty cool!

Though will this work with translatable strings too? It doesn't seem like a really solid solution to this problem.

If you use the localize method in both places, it will work just fine for translatable strings. You just want to make sure you always keep them the same.

Hmm, but the localised string can be different in the view compared to the controller, no? - also, what if you didn't get round to translating this specific string and it returns a placeholder text "to translate" for both buttons?

Евгений Арасланов


Hi! Learn to cause stored procedures in Rails please

Is this a good method? - What if you are using i18n so the commit message will show different languages?

At around 8 min he explains how to use the f.button instead of f.submit. Here the commit value has to be set manually. This way the button text can change, leaving the commit value the same,

@excid3:disqus published_at is a column in your db. Is "published?" a rails method that looks at published_at as a boolean and returns true or false depending on if it is nil or not?

Yes, published_at is a column and published? Is just a method delegating to published_at? so it's more readable.

Question, is it best practice to be putting the published? and save_as_draft? methods in your post controller? Or are you doing that for the sake of explaining it?

how can I add the validation of a field (unpublishing reason) by pressing the button unpublishing?

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